Ken Starr, the former “special counsel” overseeing Bill Clinton’s impeachment, is concerned about what he says is a “raw power move” by House Democrats against President Trump.

Starr appeared on Fox News, where he said that the American public should have open access to everything that’s going on “impeachment-wise” with the president whom they duly elected.

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Why all the secrecy? 

“Let the public assess…The House is given the sole power to impeach. Not a committee and not the speaker. I think this is something that every American should be concerned about…that the speaker is not calling for a vote. It tells me that this is a very unorthodox, untraditional procedure and they should stop it,” Starr said during the interview, which President Trump retweeted on Monday.

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Starr went on to say that there is something “profoundly wrong” with the Democrats lack of transparency, and added that nothing President Trump has done is even remotely close to an “impeachable offense.”

And he should know.

“Secrecy is bad unless there’s a compelling need for secrecy. We believe fervently in public trials. Now, why is that? Because we want to be able to see. The juries need to be able to see and hear the witnesses, Starr said, adding. “we need, as the American people… to be able not just to hear… read a transcript eventually. We need to hear and see because it has to do with credibility.”

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Starr also added that what the Democrats are doing now is “constitutionally wrong.”

“It is a raw power play that appears to be unprecedented in American history,” he concluded.

You can watch the video below:

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