Kamala Harris is a mess. Her campaign is probably one of the most “forgettable” campaigns to ever come along. At least Beto live streams his teeth cleanings and vaccinations to keep things exciting.

Harris had what many are calling her Jeb Bush “please clap” moment on Thursday, when she asked the crowd if they were ready for her presidency and they responded with “no”

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The awkward moment happened during a town hall event in Reno, Nevada, when Harris told attendees she wanted to “engage in real talk” about the state of the 2020 race.

Oh no, it’s never a good idea for politicians to “get real.”

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Harris told the crowd, “in this election, in the last couple- I mean, maybe couple of months, certainly a few weeks, there’s this whole conversation that has been coming up about electability focused on our campaign. Is America ready for that?”

So, just to break it down for you – Harris is asking the crowd, “do you think I’m electable?”

And what does the crowd say….

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Several audience members piped up and gave a resounding “No.”


Harris was visibly shocked by the comments and tried to recover. “Well, yes they are,” she said, which lead to nervous crowd laughter

Let’s be “real” shall we? There are snowballs in hell that have a better chance of survival than this lady does.

You can watch the video below:

The Democrats are in real trouble in 2020. They have no good candidates, nothing to offer but radical ideas and obstruction, and are trying to convince Americans to surrender a good economy and peace, for things like free healthcare for illegals, and a goofy Climate Change agenda that would sink the nation.

This is why they’re going through this impeachment charade. They know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they’ll try and beat him in Congress.

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