There’s a very good reason why American patriots rallied against federal red flag laws when President Trump signaled he was open to supporting them after a string of mass shootings.

Red Flag laws are an infringement of our Constitutional rights. There is no due process. Authorities can just come and take your guns away based on an “extreme protection order.” After that is carried out, you have to go through a lengthy and sometimes costly process to get them back.

Many states like Washington, Oregon, and California have Red Flag laws. The last thing we need is a federal red flag law. Can you imagine what liberals would do with that?

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Red flag laws open the door for Democrats to weaponize their anti-gun agenda. They can also be used as a tool of “revenge” by personal or professional enemies.

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A perfect example of a “red flag” confiscation gone bad involves a young man in Washington, who just had his guns seized for posting “Joker” memes online.

“Joker” is a new movie that liberals and the media have desperately tried to link to “angry white male Trump supporters.” It’s a story involving severe mental illness, anger, revenge, and gun violence.

An opinion piece in CNN literally states that the murderous villain ‘Joker’ validates the “white male Trump supporters.”

While many reviewers have focused on Fleck as an “incel” hero — his status as a sexless loner who turns to violence — the true nature of the movie’s appeal is actually broader: It’s an insidious validation of the white-male resentment that helped bring President Donald Trump to power.
“Joker,” at its core, is the story of the “forgotten man,” the metaphoric displaced and disenfranchised white man whose goodwill has been abused and whose status has been reduced. A man who has been crushed underfoot by the elite, dragged down by equality-demanding feminists and climbed over by upstart nonwhite and immigrant masses. [CNN]

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Liberals are mentally unstable people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their brains are so fried by Trump hate that they can’t comprehend that the majority of  hate and violence is coming from them – not Trump supporters.

It’s no wonder progressives feel this way about Trump supporters – the war on “men,” and specifically white men is real – they’re bashed relentlessly in commercials, TV, and in the media, and liberals also blame “white guys” for the rise of Trump.

So, this 23-year-old kid does what all 23-year-old young guys do – he posts a meme about the #1 box office move in the country online that mocks the media’s relentless push to prove violent “Joker” represents Trump supporters, and someone online reports him to the authorities, and next thing you know, his guns are taken away, his social media posts are inspected with a fine-tooth-comb, and he’s part of the “system” and on some “watch list” that will change his life forever.

Authorities say a 23-year-old Redmond, Washington, man who police say made alarming social media posts about the movie “Joker” has had several guns – including two assault weapons – removed from his home as part of an “Extreme Protection Order.”

KOMO reports that investigators became aware of the Twitter posts last week, including one dated Sept. 26 showing the man holding two AK-47s. Redmond police say the caption on the photo read: “One ticket for joker please.”

The post comes as U.S. officials had issued warnings about the potential for mass shootings at the movie, which opened last week.

Investigators learned that the man had previous disturbing and threatening social media posts toward women in 2017, according to Redmond police’s petition for being granted an Extreme Protection Order. The man has not been charged with a crime but is expected to have a court hearing on Oct. 15. [KXLY]

You’ll notice investigators went through the man’s social media and decided that he had “disturbing” posts against women. What does that even mean? I have what some would consider “disturbing” posts against women, I can’t stand feminism and am very vocal about it. Does that mean anything? Should I have my guns seized?


This is what Red Flag laws do, they open the door to allow authorities to pour over your online life, with no understanding of context, and allow strangers to assume you’re a bad person based on a meme or a tweet, and then swoop in and violate your rights.

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