There’s some D.C. whispers going on, that are raising a great deal of concern surrounding the “whistleblower” charade.

Insiders are whispering that the “mastermind” behind the political hit job against President Trump is non other than bitter warmonger John Bolton.

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According to one veteran political consultant, Trump is worried that this has Bolton’s fingerprints all over it.

It makes sense when you think about it.

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Bolton has been vocal and critical regarding a whole slew of foreign issues since being fired form his national security advisor position.

Bolton has blathered on about the ‘grave and growing’ threat of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. He claims that Kim Jong-un will never give up his nukes, which is a swipe at President Trump, who is attempting to use “friendship” and diplomacy to reason with the North Korean madman.

Then, during an event at Gatestone Institute, Bolton said inviting the Taliban to Camp David was a “terrible” idea and slammed Trump for being “disrespectful” to the 9/11 families. He also said pursuing a peace deal with the Taliban didn’t make ‘any sense.

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Of course he’d say that, this man is a neocon warmonger through and through. If there isn’t a bomb, or missile somewhere in the discussion, Bolton won’t care much about it.

Bolton also declared that “any talks “with Iran would be “doomed to fail.”

I mean, clearly, you can see why this clown was fired. It’s “BOMBS AWAY” or nothing for this violent neocon lunatic.

However, here’s where it gets weird…Bolton has been oddly quiet over the Ukraine story.

Very quiet, and that raises more red flags about his possible involvement.

One veteran political consultant in Washington tells Cockburn that Trump is afraid Bolton is the mastermind behind all the damaging leaks on his secret dealings with the Ukrainians; the whistleblower’s Deep Throat, if you will.

This, he believes, is why Trump’s cheerleader in the Senate, Lindsay Graham, keeps asking who was feeding the CIA whistleblower who came forward with details of a call between Trump and the Ukrainian president (in which Trump asked for dirt on the Democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden). Graham tweeted: ‘It is imperative we find out which White House official talked to the whistleblower and why. Why didn’t they lodge the complaint?’ The price of Graham’s support, the political consultant thought, would be an eventual military strike on Iran. [Spectator]

The question now is, did Bolton know anything about the July pone call between President Trump and the Ukraine President?

If we had a decent senate, that was actually interested in finding out the truth and fighting back, Deep State swampers like Bolton, would be hauled into a hearing and forced to answer these type of questions under oath.

But we don’t, so we have to sit here and try and connect the dots, and dig for information, and speculate.


He went on: ‘Watch Bolton’s role in all this. If he is in mix then Trump has real problems. I hear that Trump was obsessed with Bolton when he [Trump] was in New York. When Trump says the real whistleblower is a spy and should be treated as such, he’s threatening Bolton. Bolton would not play his game in Korea, Iran, Russia or Ukraine. This is Trump’s Achilles heel.’ All of this is pure speculation but interesting speculation nonetheless. The next time Bolton pops up to make a speech criticizing his old boss, perhaps someone should ask him if he was aware of contents of the call with the Ukrainian president back in July – and if he was, did he do anything about it?

I have said this a million times. President Trump has done so many amazing things as president, but if I had to make once criticism, I’d say a few of his personnel hires have been disastrous.

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I get it that he’s in a swamp and there is not exactly a lot of “fine people” to choose from, but some of these appointments he’s made have really come back to bite him hard. Granted, he’s made good choices, too. But, there’s been some clear and damaging mistakes along the way.

Bolton is one of them. When I heard he was hiring that notorious warmonger, I was baffled.

Let us know what you think…do you think that Bolton could be involved in this mess? We’ll see you in the comments below!

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