Jeff younger is in the fight of his life right now.

He’s fighting to save his son from a tragic “gender transition” being pushed on him by his mother.

Younger is the father of a seven-year-old boy, and his final chance to stop his mother from transitioning him into a girl is unfolding in a courtroom.

Younger has been battling to keep custody of his twin sons, James and Jude, all while being falsely accused of child abuse by his crazy ex-wife Anne Georgulas.

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His clearly “mentally ill ” ex-wife is claiming Younger abused her son James, by not “treating him like a girl.”

Younger and Georgulas met in court on October 15th, and that was his final chance to treat James like the boy he is — something that he’s been legally prohibited from doing thus far.

Younger currently has Texas standard custody of James and Jude. He sees them once a week for two hours and they stay with him two weekends of the month. Younger is seeking a more equitable custody schedule and decision-making authority for the boy’s psychological and psychiatric care.

Younger notes that James presents as a girl only with his mother.

LifeSiteNews had the opportunity to spend several hours with Younger and his twins, both of whom present as boys when with their dad.

“James presents as a boy with me and he presents as a girl with his mom,” Younger told LifeSiteNews. “He gets dressed as a boy at his mother’s home and he comes out to me as a boy. That means that he’s comfortable as a boy at his mother’s home.”

With their father, James and Jude enjoy wrestling, plastic sword fighting, playing “nature detective” (searching for animal tracks and identifying bugs and plants) and playing video games. James introduced himself to this reporter as James. He responds to James when called. He wears boys’ clothing. And, he has the energy and spirit of a young boy.  [Lifesite]

What this mother is doing is causing harm to James, but also to his twin brother Jude, who feels confused and likely scared as he tries to understand why his “brother” is really a girl.

It’s absolutely absurd.

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Why are we allowing adults to inflict this kind of abuse on innocent children?

“His [James’] favorite sport is Sumo. Basically my two boys, James is a stick and move boxer and Jude is a wrestler,” said Younger. “We have these padded swords. And they love the sword fight. They love to wrestle and they wrestle so brazenly that I have the referee.”

A few hours with James and Jude showed they exhibit many typically “boy” behaviors. They chose to play a quest-based fighting video game and Rocket League and then opted to go outside to sword fight. James was eager to impress anyone who would watch with his fighting skills. He and Jude “fought” with their fake swords as any two brothers – a bit rough, not afraid to get hurt, and very intensely.

According to Younger, Jude struggles with understanding how his brother can be a “girl.”

“Jude is very confused,” he said. “He struggles with honesty questions because he knows very well he is lying when he goes to his mother’s house. In the shower he has pointed at James’ penis and said how can he be a girl. I have to tell him, the court has legally [prohibited] me from answering that question.”  [Lifesite]

The poor child doesn’t want to disappoint his mother, so he forces himself to be something that he’s not in order to please her.

This is emotional abuse of the highest order.

Yet, at school and with his mother, James “wants his mom to love him” and presents as a girl. Georgulas registered James as a girl with the local elementary school when she enrolled him in kindergarten. James dresses as a girl at school, is referred to as “Luna” by his teachers and classmates, and even uses the girls’ restroom.

Younger notes that this was not the case when the boys attended pre-K at the Spanish Schoolhouse.

“His ‘coming out’ party was his fifth birthday party. It was the first time he ever showed up in a dress. Everyone who was in pre-K with him knew him as a boy.”

Younger had no say when Georgulas registered James for kindergarten.

Despite a court order allowing Younger a say in these decisions, Georgulas did not include him. Georgulas then filed for a restraining order against Younger to prohibit him from picking the boys up from school, talking to James’ teachers one-on-one, or addressing James in front of his friends.

She initially requested Younger be blocked from “coming within 500 feet of the child’s school…talking to or having any contact with any third party related to the school (parents, students, teachers, administrators, etc.)…taking any action to notify any third party related to the school (parents, students, teachers, administrators, etc) that the gender of Luna is different than a girl named Luna,” according to court documents.  [Lifesite]

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The mother renamed her son James, “Luna.” She is a pediatrician, and has been granted the right to manage the psychiatric and psychological treatment of the twin boys.

An obviously mentally deranged mother is overseeing her son’s mental health. How lovely.

The boys are treated by a homosexual counselor, who backs up the mother and says that James is indeed a “girl.”

According to court documents, Georgulas has also requested the court:

“Limit the Father’s consecutive overnight possession of both children and/or supervising Father’s possession if he fails to affirm Luna [sic]. Enjoining Non-Affirming Behavior. Enjoining Father from engaging in non affirming behavior and/or taking Luna outside the home as James, or allowing others to do so.”

Georgulas, a pediatrician, has been granted the “sole right” to manage psychiatric and psychological treatment of the twin boys. This order came as a surprise to Younger as it was neither mentioned in court nor recommended by the custody evaluator, Benjamin Albritton.

Georgulas takes James to a homosexual counselor who has diagnosed him with gender dysphoria. Younger stated that with the counselor, who affirms that James is a “girl,” James has identified as a boy.

“When I took James to see his gay counselor who affirms him as a girl, he went as a boy. She put two sticky notes down onto her desk. One had James on it. One had his fake girl name. She said, which name do you want to be called, pick up the sticky note. He picked up James,” Younger told LifeSiteNews. [Lifesite]

Younger is logically arguing that a 7-year-old child is simply not capable of making these types of life-altering decisions.

This man’s ex-wife is a torturous abusive progressive monster, who is using her children as pawns to promote her twisted progressive ideology.

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Younger argues that his seven-year-old son should not be allowed to make a life-altering and permanent decision.

“We have two choices for James. One choice is we can go with his mother in which case he will go down the transgender route and he will live a life of banishment and despair because we know that people who are transgender end up in having a significant psychological problems. And as Anne herself said no mother or parents wants her child to be transgender,” Younger told LifeSiteNews.

“Or he could come with me and have a very good chance at a normal life. So to me it’s a weighing of two factors. Do we go with Anne and James gets confirmed into a transgender lifestyle – likely living a life of…despair – or does he go with his father who takes a cautious wait and see approach [until] James is 18 and can make decisions on his own?”

“Why would we privilege the abnormal gender expression that leads to a bad outcome, when we could privilege the normal gender expression?” Younger asked.

Many professionals and scientific studies question the benefits of gender “transitioning,” especially for children. [Lifesite]

This man needs your prayers. Please pray for him, and pray the court has the common sense and compassion to save these boys from their sick mother.

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