Former Governor Jan Brewer slammed the lying fake news media after they hailed Pelosi a “hero” for standing up to President Trump, but back in 2012, when she did the same thing to Obama, she was called a “racist.”

Brewer tweeted side-by-side images of herself standing up to Obama and Pelosi yelling at Trump and wrote: ”

The news media hails @SpeakerPelosi as a hero for pointing her finger at @POTUS @realDonaldTrump, but when I stood up to @BarackObama, I was vilified as rude and racist. Such Hypocrites!”

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Brewer was photographed poking her finger in President Barack Obama’s face when he visited Arizona in January 2012. She claimed that after giving him a written invitation to inspect the crisis on the Arizona border, the two engaged in a heated discussion about a passage in her book, Scorpions for Breakfast, which depicted Obama as condescending and dismissive.

Brewer took flak for her finger-pointing from both the media and the public, who accused her of disrespecting the presidency. More than 12,000 letters flooded her office in the ensuing days, most of which condemned her, calling her “trashy” and “tasteless.” Likening the act to belching at the president, a writer for the Washington Post scolded her, “If a thing is frowned upon in general, it’s even worse to do it to the president in particular.”

By contrast, Pelosi has met with adulation and gratitude from liberals after President Trump tweeted an image of her standing up during a meeting and wagging her finger at him. Evidently thinking it made her look bad, Trump dubbed the image, “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown!” Trump alleges that Democratic leadership stormed out of the meeting, while they claim Trump had a “meltdown” and treated the speaker disrespectfully. [Washington Examiner]

Deranged Trump-haters claimed the pic of Pelosi depicted a “powerful woman standing up to the president.”

Pelosi was all smiles and grinning afterward; her itty bitty feelings weren’t hurt at all. She probably was going to walk out even before she entered the room — no wonder why the House only has a 12% approval rating from Americans.

What happened to Brewer at that time was wrong, and I think everyone knew it, but hurting white Republicans today is the agenda of the Democratic Party. I believe if Brewer could be raked over the coals for standing up to Obama, so should Pelosi.

The picture, as well as interviews from other people in the meeting, are apparent it was “Deer in the Headlights” Pelosi that freaked out, not Trump. Trump merely called her a “3rd rate politician,” which is undeniably correct.

Am I the only one who thinks that Pelosi set this photo up. We don’t know what was said, leading up to her “indignation.” She will use it in her re-election campaign to show how she stood up to Trump. I hope she includes her actions at the last SOTU address when she hides behind him, giving her childish “golf” clap out of his sight.

Obama’s feelings were hurt, and instead of letting Brewer’s book roll off without confrontation, he let her know what he thought, and that’s where the small quick argument on the tarmac happened. Let’s be clear also; Trump continued meeting with Dems and Republican members of Congress. Pelosi stormed out, so it is clear who melted down.

Pelosi’s behavior reveals the desperation of the Democrats. They have backed themselves into a corner. Trump has beaten them at every turn since winning the election in 2016. He continues to expose their corruption and continues to call them out for not doing anything of substance for the American people. This is the demise of the Democrats. Trump 2020.

Pete Buttigieg, 2020 wannabe, represented much the overall liberal response in his sappy tweet.

“Thank you, Madam Speaker, for literally standing up for our country.”

Pete isn’t in anyone’s final nomination predictions, so this tweet is about nothing here, so let’s keep it moving.

I support Brewer calling out the media, and so should you!


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