One thing is for certain – President Trump has exposed what monsters Democrats truly are.

Before Trump came along, liberals masqueraded as tolerant “peace-loving” humanitarians that loves everyone.

After President Trump they were exposed for who they really are…hateful, intolerant, American-hating communists, who will actually defend a bloodthirsty terrorist, in order to “own” President Trump.

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That’s preceicssly what happened after President Trump announced the death of “dog” and “coward” al-Baghdadi, the former leader of ISIS, who captured a 26-year-old American aid worker, raped and tortured her and then murdered her. Not to mention all the thousands of people he’s burned alive in cages and all the Christians (and Muslims) he’s decapitated.

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In the end, President Trump said Baghdadi was chased down like an animal and died like a coward whimpering and screaming.


It couldn’t happen to a bigger, more well-deserving monster.

But of course, liberals were outraged. Not over Baghdadi’s torture and killing…but over Trump’s “harsh” description about how he died.

All day long, liberals trashed Trump for being “mean” to an ISIS killer.

It got so absurd, that anti-Trump actress Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter, where she actually tweeted out a sympathetic “ISIS tweet” in response to Trump’s “harsh words.”

It’s fair to note exactly why President Trump used the words he did to describe Baghdadi’s death.

The backlash was so quick and severe that Jamie Lee Curtis was forced to delete the disgusting tweet.

Here’s a small sample of the backlash Curtis received.

“Sympathizing with ISIS to own Trump is an amazing low.”

“Tell that to the parents of 26 year old Kayla Mueller American aid work captured by Baghdadi and made her his sex slave, I’m sure no Romeo! Or the others he burned, behead or tortured. Baghdadi wasn’t a living thing, he was a monster. Syria and Iraq isn’t Hollywood!”

“James Foley was paraded around like a show dog before losing his life and you have empathy towards his executioner. Fu?k off.”

“Goodness sake he was a (terr orr ist) a monster and an enemy to our way of life what about that did”

“Find it kind of hard to be concerned about how much Baghdadi might have suffered when he died, when you consider how much suffering he caused when he was living.”

“Disgusting and snobbish American Hollywood elitists and other actors are standing with Al Baghdadi and defending Al Baghdadi because they hate Trump more than a terrorist who killed three children with him when that terrorist committed suicide.”

“Whoa, this dude JLC just took the side of our enemy on a Internet rant and gave him a raving eulogy.”

“Ma’am, have you been drinking?”

It’s political gold that the left is defending a man who chopped the heads off of and stoned to death gay people. Bravo to  @realDonaldTrump

“Islamic extremists hate dogs and being called dogs and cowards.”

“I’m so sorry Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died immediately taking those poor children with him. I wish he had lingered in agonizing pain before dying so he could experience a taste of the excruciating suffering he inflicted on so many.”


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