Little James Yonger is a 7-year-old boy whose insane mother is forcing him to change genders.

The boy’s father just lost his final court case to try and save his son from his crazy progressive mother, Dr. Anne Georgula, who wants to turn him into a little girl.

The judge’s ruling on the case of Jeffrey Younger, the father trying to save his son James has been delayed until tomorrow.

According to the court clerk, the ruling will be announced tomorrow.

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The child’s mother has been telling him that he’s a girl since he was three-years-old. She enrolled him in kindergarten under the new girl name “Luna.”

He uses the girls’ restroom and all of this classmates believe he is a girl.

The crazy mother wants to subject James to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones as well as legally force his father to treat him as a girl.

Dr. Georgulas is asking the court to:

Limit the father’s consecutive overnight possession of both children and/or make his visits with the boys supervised if he fails to “affirm” James as a girl (“Luna”);
Enjoin Mr. Younger from engaging in non-affirming behavior and/or taking “Luna” outside the home as James or allowing others to do so;
Modify Mr. Younger’s possession on school nights when there are school-related activities that may occur during the boys’ stay with him;
Order the father to attend pro-transgender counseling and/or educational classes;
Enjoin Mr. Younger from signing James up for activities as James or referring to his son with male pronouns at any activity outside the home;
Enjoin the father from allowing James and Jude to remain in the presence of anyone who does not use James’ transgender name “Luna” or female pronouns, or who is otherwise not “affirming” of the seven-year-old’s transgender identity. [Life Site News]

But the good news is, Governor Greg Abbot has just stepped in to protect the boy and is calling on state agencies to investigate the matter.

Abbott is asking the AG and FPS to get involved. Abbott’s move to have Family and Protective Services look into the matter is about protecting the welfare of the child. Getting the AG’s office involved means they’re investigating if there’s some sort of criminal element to the case, which is very interesting.

Thank the good Lord for Governor Abbott. Today he tweeted that the state’s Attorney General’s office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will be taking up the matter. It’s being “looked into.”

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