The media is on a mission to help Democrats and the Deep State impeach President Trump.

Deep State is trying to “manufacture” support for a ridiculous impeachment circus that Americans are either ignoring, or laughing at — and just like with Hillary, they’re using fake polls to try and influence Americans.

These pollsters expect us to believe that a vast majority of Americans want Trump booted from office over a perfectly appropriate phone call to some president in Ukraine?

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Sure bet, Americans want to throw away a booming economy , a peaceful foreign policy, and an America First agenda over a nothing-burger phone call…

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Get real. Nobody believes this garbage.

It’s a complete snow job by the liberal pollsters, media, Deep State, and Democrats. And just like the fake polls we got in 2016, where “Hillary was going to win in a landslide,” these silly polls will keep coming out – so beware, and don’t panic.

Remember that absurd Fox News poll, where the LGBTQ activist pollster under sampled independents and oversampled Dems to reach that ‘magic number’?  Same basic philosophy here. They oversampled impeachment-crazed Democrats by a whopping 14 percent.

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Pollster Frank Luntz called out the poll as “too Democrat” to be considered fair, and urged pollsters to be responsible and use fair and balanced samples, especially when polling over something as important as impeachment.

A new Pew Research poll that claims 54 percent of registered voters support the impeachment of President Donald Trump is stacked with Democrat respondents, according to a review of its methodology by Newsmax.

The survey by the Washington, D.C.-based Pew, which identifies itself as a “nonpartisan, non-advocacy fact tank,” was conducted from Oct. 1-Oct. 13 and asked some 3,487 U.S. adults whether they “approved or disapproved of the House of Representatives’ decision to conduct an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump.”

Some 54 percent approved of the inquiry, while 44 percent disapproved, according to Pew. In addition, 47 percent expect Democrats in Congress will be “fair and reasonable in the handling the inquiry, while only 43 percent expect Republicans in Congress will.

But the methodology behind the poll appears to have stacked it in favor of achieving a pro-Democratic outcome.

Buried in the survey results is the fact that of the 3,487 respondents, 1,942 are Democrats or are Democratic leaning while 1,453 are Republicans or Republican leaning. That means 56 percent of those polled were Democrats compared to 42 percent who identified as Republicans — a 14 percent margin favoring Democrats.

Frank Luntz, a veteran American political consultant and pollster, questioned the validity of the poll.

“Self-identified Democrats outnumber self-identified Republicans by about 6 percent nationally. The sample for this poll leans a bit too Democratic to accept these numbers as gospel,” Luntz told Newsmax. “When the questions are about impeachment, you have a responsibility to ensure an accurately balanced sample.” [Newsmax]

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