On Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the El Paso identified 238 fraudulent families, 50 adults falsely claiming to be minors.

These officials also seized “hundreds” of documents attempting to support these migrants’ claims.

Illegal aliens that have been in our country for two or more years and have done nothing to become legal have proven by their actions or lack thereof, that they are only here to take advantage of our economy and the freebies they can get for their kids. They deserve to be deported with their children, even if their children are born here since the parents have legal custody. The children can come back when they are of legal age.

A country can’t survive if it doesn’t enforce immigration laws. The US is already showing signs of 3rd world habits, like not enforcing immigration laws and disrespecting law enforcement. People here illegally that broke the law are not above the law, and justice should be served. They should not be defended, protected, and rewarded for violating immigration laws, but told to come here legally next time and sent home.

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If I had broken into some other nation, in violation of their immigration laws, I would be “on edge.” Every last immigrant who followed the rules, and entered the USA through the lawfully established immigration system, has absolutely NO reason whatsoever, to be “on edge.”

The United States government identified hundreds of migrants allegedly falsely claiming familial status and numerous other migrant adults attempting to pose as minors.

ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, in conjunction with CBP and Border Patrol officials, in April launched the Family Fraud Initiative in El Paso with the goal of identifying “individuals fraudulently presenting themselves as families when making an asylum claim in order to be released into the United States.”

The program identified an enormous amount of fraud by illegal migrants seemingly hoping to take advantage of U.S. immigration laws, and ultimately resulted in more than 350 people being federal prosecuted for making false statements, human smuggling, illegal re-entry into the U.S. after being deported, conspiracy and other crimes. [Daily Mail]

The law, signed by a democratic president, allows expedited deportations anywhere in the country. Thank you, Pres. Trump for having a backbone and enforcing the laws already on the books in this nation. It helps people to understand just how much law past presidents ignored their constitutional duty.

Thousands of Mexican-Americans are LEGAL US citizens. Trump supporters celebrate them and see them as fellow Americans. I don’t blame people for seeking the American dream, but we have an immigration process that must be followed. It’s a pretty simple matter made super complicated by a bunch of political grandstanders.

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Trump’s policies or how he enforces the existing policies will save America. NO ONE can predict what the U.S. would look like in 10 years if we had a Democratic President who allowed open borders. The migrants are arriving in droves larger than anyone could have predicted, and an open border policy would cause this number to increase beyond imagination. Keep Trump in office and stop this from happening.

Until we provide housing and medical/mental health assistance to every vet, no illegal should get a dime of our tax dollars.


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