Is Eric Holder high?

Seriously, what is this guy smoking? He’s the most clueless, detached-from-reality political persona around.

Case in point – Holder appeared on the popular “Breakfast Club” radio show, where he painted this doomsday picture of mass “voter fraud” that will happen in 2020, all courtesy of the Republicans.

Ha ha ha.

Wait one minute – I thought there was no voter fraud?

Could not load the poll.

Apparently, now there is, and it’s all the Republicans fault. Hmm, maybe now we can finally talk the Dems into passing some federal voter ID laws?

So, the whole point of Holder’s appearance was to alert the country that Republicans will be “cheating” to win the White House…meanwhile Democrats are trying to impeach the President of the United States as we speak, so they don’t have to face him at the polls.

Here’s what’s really happening:

The left knows that they can’t win at the ballot box, so they’re running around trying to tell you that if Trump wins, it’ll be because Republicans cheated. Their just setting up their excuse for losing earlier this time.

Nice to see they’re being organized this time around.

Holder then goes on to say suggest (without proof) that Republicans are going to “keep people from the polls.”

Oh, really? Like these guys here?

You can watch the Eric Holder video below:

Tell us what you think about this new desperate Dem tactic, in the comments below.

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