With her poll numbers tanking, Sen. Kamala Harris’ last attempt to get them moving is to blame the Democratic Party for not being able to elect a black woman for the Oval Office.

This “elephant in the room,” as Harris calls it in the video below, doesn’t believe America is ready for a woman and especially a woman of color to be President of the United States. Harris believes that most Americans find it difficult for voters to imagine the first black female president because it’s never been done before.

The interviewer reminded her that the country elected Barack Obama as president. Still, Harris brushed that aside while giving a story that didn’t have any meaning to what she was talking about, as you will see in the video. Kamala got up and thought which card should I play today? The woman card or the race card, and decided to play both.

Here we go again. Democrats favorite rule in their playbook. Act like a victim and illicit sympathy from the populace by accusing them of being racist/sexist/whateverist. When Republicans lose, they blame themselves, when Democrats lose, they blame everyone else.

Racism and sexism, the two cards the Democrats managed to overplay. Every time I hear it, I yawn. They have overplayed those two cards so much that people don’t even react to real racism and sexism anymore. The way I look at it is that if you want to be President of the United States, and all you have are excuses for why you were not elected, then you have no business running in the first place.

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What Kamala fails to realize is that Barack was elected because he was black. Most voters that voted for him did so because of his skin color, and they wanted America to get over the hump, which they did. But Barack did such a poor job, being led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid and their agenda, I believe it sullied the next couple of generation of black candidates for Democrats.

When Kamala says “America,” she’s not talking about America overall because she’s running for the Democratic nomination, she’s talking her people.   She is essentially calling voters in her party racist, which is bold. I’d say she’s calling them misogynist too, but the media likes Elizabeth Warren, so they can’t be too misogynistic.

Seriously, Kamala’s campaign is in such a tailspin; she’s holding that victim card with a very tight grip.  This way she can claim it’s not her fault when she drops out, which is pathetic and dishonest.

Watch above, via Axios



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