Folks, what we’re seeing right now on the GOP side, is a much-needed and much-appreciated “all hands on deck” fight against the communist Democrats.

Trump critics like like Ann Coulter, and former #NeverTrumper Glenn Beck are putting aside their angst, and coming to the aid of President Trump in order to battle the ultimate evil – Democrats and the Deep State, who are both attempting to pull off yet another coup against our America First President.

Ann’s Back: Ann Coulter Defends Trump and Exposes ‘Hidden Reason’ Behind Dems Impeachment Farce

This kind of unity is what we want to see and what we need to have, in order to battle this force of pure anti-American evil.

And the video I am about to share with you, which comes from Glenn Beck, is setting the internet on fire. ?

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Like him or hate him, there is nobody who is better at connecting the complicated dots in a way that all of us can understand, like Beck. And he’s at his best here, as he methodically goes through and exposes the media and Democrat impeachment lie.

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This is independent journalism at its best, and after what Beck does here, I think it’s safe to say we should let bygones be bygones.

The video is over 2hours long, but it’s well-worth the watch. It will give you an understanding of what’s happening right now, in a way you never thought possible.

Very well done.

Thank you, Nikki: In Midst of ‘Impeachment Circus’ Nikki Haley Declares ‘Every American Should be Proud of President Trump’

The Blaze calls this “The Democrats’ Russia.”

Glenn reveals the facts that the media refuse to share and breaks down the entire Ukraine timeline on the chalkboard. Tune in to watch as Glenn makes yet another complex issue simple. BlazeTV Presents a Glenn Beck Special – Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia.

Thank you, Glenn, and welcome back.

You can watch the video below:

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