The House Freedom Caucus has not given up on trying to remove Adam Schiff from the (unofficial) “impeachment inquiry” against President Trump.  

They are moving forward with a formal resolution, calling for Schiff to be removed on the grounds that he is a “potential fact witness” to the whistleblower complaint.

Will anything happen?

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It’s seems highly unlikely, since Pelosi is a partisan hack, but we should give these guys credit for at least fighting – that’s more than we can say for the majority of those weak, noodle-spine Republicans.

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Mark Meadows appeared on Fox News where he told host Bill Hemmer Schiff’s moves were all about politics. “This is all about Adam Schiff trying to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t get elected.”

House Freedom Caucus members are demanding that Adam Schiff remove himself from the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

Republican Reps Mark Meadows, Andrew Biggs, and Louie Gohmert were among those calling for Schiff’s ousting with a formal resolution letter, on the grounds that he’s a “potential fact witness” to the whistleblower complaint.

Schiff, who serves as House Intelligence Committee chairman, raised several red flags shortly after the impeachment circus got underway. He contradicted his own testimony that he had no contact with the whistleblower prior to the complaint going public.

Talk of a possible felony began to surface when it was learned that the so-called whistleblower never disclosed having contact with Schiff or his committee prior to filing the complaint.

“For over two years, Schiff misled the American people with his numerous attempts to manufacture evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government,” said a joint statement by Freedom Caucus members.

“Once that fairytale evaporated, Mr. Schiff quickly moved on to his next hoax: a non-existent quid pro quo between President Trump and the President of Ukraine.” [Bizpacreview]

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Hemmer argues that there was no way Pelosi would pull Schiff off the inquiry. Meadows responded saying, “here’s what we could do … she could change the jurisdiction to where it should be. She could have a vote on the House floor,” he challenged.

Again, it’s unlikely, unless the backlash is so heavy and distracting that Pelosi cuts him loose, but I just can’t see that happening right now.

However, more evidence might be revealed down the road that can be piled onto what we already have on record, and make a stronger case that Pelosi would have to address, so stay tuned.

So far, Democrats haven’ t taken any “meaningful action” on impeachment, as a matter of fact this isn’t even a formal inquiry. There is nothing Nothing “legal” about this circus. It’s just a PR stunt and political theatre.

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