There’s a new GOP traitor in the midst.

His name is Francis Rooney and he represents District 19 in Florida.

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Rooney, who Trump stumped for in 2018, is now hinting he’s on board with impeaching President Trump. We reported on this loser a couple of days ago.

President Donald Trump gave an atta-boy to Republican Rep. Francis Rooney last year on the congressman’s home turf in swing state Florida.

“I love it when he defends me,” the president said then. He might feel differently now.

The second-term Republican said publicly Friday what others in his party are not, namely that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney acknowledged a quid pro quo was at work when Trump held up U.S. aid to Ukraine in exchange for Kyiv’s investigation of Democrats and the 2016 elections. Mulvaney later claimed his comments had been misconstrued, but Rooney said he and other Republicans heard them clearly.

“He said there’s a quid pro quo,” Rooney said of Mulvaney during a telephone interview. “I just don’t think that the power and prestige of our country is supposed to be used for political things.”

Asked whether he thinks Trump’s conduct is impeachable, Rooney replied, “I’m still thinking about it.” [AP]

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But now, his intentions and his plot are becoming even more clear.

Over 170 members of Congress have signed on to the resolution to censure Schiff for his pathetic stunt on live TV, where he read a totally make-believe phone call between President Trump and the Ukraine President and presented it as if were real.

But guess who isn’t signing on to censure Schiff for lying to the American people?

Francis Rooney (and 22 other “Republican” losers).

Note: all holdouts are listed in the tweet below with phone numbers. Please call!

However, here’s where the “Rooney plot” really starts to unfold.

Guess who’s not running for reelection.

You guessed it… Traitor Rooney (his name sounds a lot like “Romney”)

You see what’s happening here, right? It’s a coup and the Dems are recruiting cowardly RINO’s to help them pull it off.

We need better candidates. Enough is enough with these old GOP relics. They don’t have our country’s best interest at heart. They’re all bought and sold globalists, owned by donors. We must do better.

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