Music legend Elton John is defending his long-time friend Ellen DeGeneres after the “outrage mob” came after her with pitchforks and torches, when a picture of DeGeneres seated next to former President George W. Bush at an NFL game surfaced.

The liberal mob was “foam-at-the-mouth” mad.

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However, DeGeneres didn’t cave. She stood up for herself and defended her friendship with the former president and underscored the obvious: we should be kind to others, even if they happen to have differing political views.

Ironically, this is how conservatives already behave. 

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Now, Elton John is doing the same thing. He’s defending his friend Ellen and offering praise to former President Bush and also President Trump, for their humanitarian work to help stop AIDS around the world.

“I admire Ellen for standing up and saying what she said,” John told NPR.

The “Rocket Man” singer piggybacked off DeGeneres’ message of tolerance and even offered praise for Mr. Bush and President Donald Trump for humanitarian efforts addressing HIV/AIDS globally.

“Unfortunately, what our democracy has become now is that it’s not OK to have different opinions than yours and that is not healthy,” John said, according to Fox News.

“George Bush has made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes. Ellen DeGeneres has made a lot of mistakes,” he said.

“Yes, there were [bad] decisions that he’s made, but that was made by Democratic presidents and Republican presidents. And I admire Ellen for standing up and saying what she did,” he added.

John also heaped praise on Mr. Bush for launching the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, an $85 billion global investment to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in over 50 countries.

“PEPFAR came from the Republicans. People have to remember that,”  the musician said, noting that the initiative is “the most incredible thing a Republican president has done on a philanthropic level.”

According to Fox News, John said that he appreciated Trump’s continuation of PEPFAR, though he might not agree with most of the president’s policies.

“People need to come together,” he emphasized. “They need to respect people’s views on life. Except when it’s heresy, and I don’t think George Bush is that kind of guy.”

After the “controversy” of merely sitting next to a former president and smiling, DeGeneres defended herself and her friendship with Bush to her live audience and millions of viewers.

“Here’s the thing — I’m friends with George Bush. In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have,” the host said, as reported by The Daily Wire. “We’re all different, and I think we’ve forgotten that that’s okay, that we’re all different.” [Daily Wire]

If more people react like this, and stand up to the liberal mob, the less power they will have.

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It’s okay to be friends – or at least cordial – with people who have different beliefs than you. My neighbor is a liberal and she knows I am a Trump supporter, yet she and I still chat and bake each other goodies all the time…and so far, neither of us has tried to poison the other! ?

The leftist outrage mob is the most divisive and intolerant and hateful group of people you’ll ever meet. Best to avoid and ignore them. They don’t represent the majority of people. They’re just the really loud minority.

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