Michigan Democrat lawmaker Elissa Slotkin, went home to host a town hall, where she was promptly booed and scolded for being a part of the “coup” against our President.

Now, when you watch this video, you will see that this is probably one of the most “sensible” looking crowds of upper middle class voters ever. This is not radical protesters storming the gates and overtaking a town hall, like we’ve seen liberals do in the past.

These are clearly, very well-informed, educated, smart people who are not the least bit interested in impeachment.

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While a few in the crowd applauded the Democrat impeacher, it was the naysayers who won the day.

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They booed loud, and they asked very poignant questions.

One man wanted to know what the “rush” was with impeachment. He pointed out that impeachment is the utmost serious offense, and wanted to know why on earth they were trying to impeach Trump for this silly call.

Another voter told the lawmaker, “when you fell off the cliff for me, was when you joined the coup against our President.”

Sensible people can see right through this sham that the Democrats are trying to pull. They may have the fringe kooks jumping for joy over impeaching Trump, but those kooks do not represent the average American.

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To make matters worse for all of these clueless Dems, a new poll found that 57% of Americans support Trump’s efforts to investigateEven worse for the former vice president, the IBD/TIPP Poll found 57%-37% support for a Biden probe, specifically a Justice Department investigation of Joe Biden and his son regarding their actions in Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden also had ties with an investment firm that raised funds in China. Biden. [Investors Business Daily]

You can watch the video below:

Do you think the Dems are committing “political suicide” with this impeachment move? Let us know if the comments below.

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