Many people are asking, “what the heck has happened to Drudge?”

The once pro-Trump has taken a very hard “left turn” (just like Fox News), and now has a decidedly #NeverTrump vibe.

These polls are all fixed, total garbage, and the media and Deep State are pushing them to gaslight Trump supporters and push through with impeachment.

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A man that 52% of Americans supposedly want to toss out of office, does not pull in 40k at a rally. It’s absurd.

Now, we’re learning from Gateway Pundit that Drudge has lost 200 million pageviews and 20% of Drudge readers have bailed.:

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Drudge knows better.
He doesn’t care.
He wants President Trump gone.

This downward spiral has been happening since 2017.
In May 2017 at his peak, the Drudge Report had over one billion views!

In July the Drudge Report dropped below 800,000,000 views.

That’s a drop of 200,000,000 million monthly readers!

If all these Americans wanted impeachment, wouldn’t Drudge’s numbers be through the roof?

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So, what gives?

Attorney and Trump supporter Ron Coleman thinks he has the answer as to what has happened to Matt Drudge.

Ron says that the reason Drudge no longer feels like “Drudge” is because it’s really not the same site we’ve come to know and love.

“He recently signed on with a Google affiliated company, which purchased Matt Drudge’s father’s website, RefDesk, as part of the deal.

Frankly, I’m concerned this is the sole reason Drudge went mainstream and to the left: to satisfy his new advertising agency.”

“The agency is called Granite Cubed. The timing of when all this went down is not a coincidence.

“I’ve been a reader of the site daily for 15 years. His entire message, his ‘tone and timbre’ shifted – full-on establishment approved at the same time the deal was made.”

So, according to this report, it looks like Drudge has gone “mainstream” and now he’s toeing the “anti-Trump” media line.

It’s very sad, but it’s not shocking. When you think about how the media was mowed over by independent news like Drudge and others in 2016, it’s expected that they’d make bold moves to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

For some people, it’s all about the money. And what Drudge will lose in “clicks,” he’ll make up for with his new partnership.

It’s even more important to keep fighting, harder and harder, so we can keep winning against the massive fake news media machine.


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