There needs to be a law preventing “Drag Queen Story Hours” from happening in this country.

These events are child abuse, pure and simple. As a country, we must step in and stop these irresponsible parents from subjecting their children to the lefts perversion.

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Countess stories of convicted sex offenders reading to kids, drag queens sexually twerking in front of children, and now this disturbing story out of Minnesota, where a drag queen flashed his crotch before a group of children.

It continues to be a deeply disturbing mystery that parents continue to willingly march their children down to the local library for the purposes of having a grown man dressed in the misogynist equivalent of blackface to read a story and perform for them.

Not only are drag queen storytime events absurd, immoral, and highly inappropriate for children at face value, they have been repeatedly proven to be dangerous venues for predators to sexually groom young children, all while library staff and parents lovingly affirm the whole thing in the name of “tolerance.”

Even after such events have turned out to feature convicted sex offenders and performers who allow children to lay on top of them, it seems no scandal is too disgusting to keep parents from bringing their children to these disgusting events.

Perhaps this one will.

According to a Facebook post from the Child Protection League (CPL), a pair of drag queens, using the stage names “Sasha Sosa” and “Gemini Valentine,” was invited to indoctrinate children story hours in branches of the Hennepin County Library in Hennepin County, Minnesota earlier this month. []

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In another photo,  the co-host drag queen who goes by the stage name “Valentine” is seen preparing to read to a group of small children at the Hopkins Hennepin County public library, wearing a revealing spandex leotard.

According to CPL, both men appear to only be 18 or 19 years old and both are frequent performers at strip clubs, apparently making them a natural choice for children’s entertainers to the library board. As we have been reporting for years, a consistent theme of such events is to feature entertainers who normally frequent erotic adult clubs.

While the library appears to have canceled two of their upcoming story time events, a sign posted at the library states that they will be rescheduled soon.

In a comment on their post, CPL added that “The Hennepin County Library does no formal background checks on these men either,” which, as we’ve previously reported, is a common failure among libraries who host these vile events on top of their affinity for inviting male strippers to participate. []

Hennepin County Libray’s contact info is located on their webpage here.

Every Christian organization in Hennepin should be picketing this library and demanding lawmakers step in and save these children.

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