A Polish official is speaking out against communist and Democrat donor George Soros.

Dominik Tarczyński revealed Soros’ plan of complete world domination, saying he wants to rule the world and be the “master of puppets.”

Tarczyński said how sad it is that leftists have always worked so hard against traditional values and family values, explaining that liberalism is a “rootless” movement, that is more focused on secular achievements.

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“It’s so sad, that leftists throughout the ages — not years, not decades, ages, because they were always present in some form — they were always, always, against identity, against the family, against values,” Tarczyński added, suggesting that they see people without national roots and no political aspirations beyond a desire to “eat, drink, and buy products” are easier to control.

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He then went on to explain the left’s “elitist” mindset. He said it’s part of their left-establishment desire for control, he suggested, that it stems from their perception of themselves as “elites,” explaining that they think they’re better, more educated… “it’s all about mentality,” he added.

This is the Soros mindset, this is the root of his agenda .

The left-liberal establishment is attacking Poland’s conservative government ahead of national elections on Sunday because its success “damages the Soros Plan”, according to Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the outspoken Polish parliamentarian said it was “obvious” that the international interest in his country’s elections is a result of “globalist” distaste for its conservative-populist Law and Justice Party (PiS) government and its pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration agenda, which Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has described as “far from neoliberalism, and equally far from socialism”.

“It’s the Soros Plan. He wants to be the master of puppets; he wants to rule the world. It might sound crazy, but it’s a fact, it’s true” Tarczyński insisted, referring to billionaire plutocrat George Soros, and Soros-endorsed efforts by the European Union to redistribute migrants throughout the continent via compulsory quotas — which Poland’s left-liberal opposition (Civic Platform, or PO, now Civic Coalition) signed up to in 2015 while it was still in government, only for PiS to sweep them out of office weeks later and refuse to implement them.

Soros’s supporters have long claimed he is merely a wealthy philanthropist and dismissed his detractors as conspiracy theorists, but the billionaire did confess in his 1987 book The Alchemy of Finance that he “always harboured an exaggerated view of my self-importance” and “fancied myself as some kind of god” from an early age.

“My sense of reality was strong enough to make me realize that these expectations were excessive and I kept them hidden as a guilty secret,” he said, revealing that this “was a source of considerable unhappiness through much of my adult life” — but, as he “made [his] way in the world” and acquired a vast fortune, “reality came close enough to my fantasy to allow me to admit my secret, at least to myself.” [Breitbart]

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