Americans love Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “Sticks and Stones.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you do. When you watch it, it feels like the shackles of political correctness are just crumbling away.

Of course, the leftist critics hate it because Chappelle makes fun of everything from transgenderism to school shootings and everything in between.

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When Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special Sticks & Stones came out in August, the overwhelming response from critics was that it was offensive, unacceptable garbage.

Inkoo Kang of Slate declared that Chappelle’s “jokes make you wince.” Garrett Martin, in the online magazine Paste, maintained that the special was “thoughtless” and “terrible” — and that Chappelle was just “acting like an a**hole” and proving that he was “thoroughly out of touch with today.” In The Atlantic, Hannah Giorgis called it a “temper tantrum.” Melanie McFarland’s piece in Salon disparaged it for its “cruelty.”

The “professionals” agreed — the special was trash, worthy of only a pathetic 33 percent critics’ score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The low score really shouldn’t be surprising. After all, Chappelle was making jokes about untouchable subjects — such as race, the LGBT community, and school shootings. He literally said he didn’t believe Michael Jackson’s accusers, and hinted that it wouldn’t matter even if they were right, because, and I quote, “it’s Michael Jackson!” In a climate where the phrase “you guys” has been deemed problematic, there is no way a comedian could actually expect to get away with things like that.

Or could he? [National Review]

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The left is crazy with outrage over Chappell and they’re going to extremes in order to smear and mock him. Case in point-  uber liberal rag ‘New York Daily,’ falsely tried to blame Chappelle for the recent suicide of a transgender comedian Daphne Dorman – who was actually Chappelle’s friend – to make matters even worse.

The tragic suicide of transgender comedian Daphne Dorman has been linked in a misleading way by some in the media to comedian Dave Chappelle and his “transphobic” standup.

Dorman, a transgender comedian and activist, posted a goodbye note to Facebook on Friday before committing suicide. Dorman was friendly with Chappelle, who mentioned their friendship in a “hidden extra” from his latest standup special “Sticks & Stones.”

Some in the media, however, reported on the tragedy by deceptively tying Chappelle to Dorman’s death. The smear began with a misleading headline from The New York Daily News: “Transgender actress, activist and comedienne Daphne Dorman, referenced in Dave Chappelle’s ‘transphobic’ Netflix special, commits suicide.” [Daily Wire]

However, despite the lefts attempts at smearing and mocking him, Chappelle remains dedicated to bringing “free humor” back to the masses. He freeing those of us enslaved by political correctness, and allowing us to laugh again and get out from under the thumb of the lefts tyranical big brother.

For many Americans, the prospect of being called “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” or otherwise “problematic” has become more terrifying than death itself. People are afraid of being “canceled”; the Thought Police know that. They don’t have to worry about finding silly things such as “logic” or “facts” to prop up their positions — they have a much easier route: your fear.

They’re very, very good at it, too. They’ve somehow made it accepted that if you are, for example, a man, you may not comment on any accusation of sexism — even if, say, someone makes the claim that the word “too” is “sexist” and hurts women. (This actually happened a few years ago; the Huffington Post published a 1,200-word piece on it.) Similarly, if you are white, you can’t comment on any accusation of racism — even if, say, someone makes the claim that Lord of the Rings will have “dire consequences . . . for society” because the way it depicts the orcs will perpetuate racism. (This, too, actually happened; a sci-fi writer made that exact claim on the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast last year.) Effectively, you are automatically silenced on a whole host of issues just because of your identity — logic be damned.

Is this any way for us to live? Why is the majority staying silent for fear of a tiny subgroup whose only weapon is a handful of hack words?

I understand the fear. I understand why a person might be afraid to speak freely, knowing that a spurious accusation of racism or sexism could easily result. I also understand why the easiest response to this sort of accusation would be to simply shut up or maybe apologize, regardless of whether you actually have anything to be sorry for. The PC mob rarely stops at calling someone “offensive.” No — it also wants anyone associated with anything it deems offensive to be cast out of the public square. It wants “offensive” people to be forbidden to speak on college campuses and even to be employed.

It’s time for us to stop being afraid. [National Review]

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Thankfully, Chappelle hasn’t let any of the critics get him down. He is out there fighting every day by doing more and more shows.

Chappelle is doing a series of surprise “pop-up” shows in random cities around the country. Just a last week he popped up in Houston for a surprise show. And today he just announced anther “pop up” show in San Antonio, and the tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

So, while Chappelle may have leftist critics and the liberal cancel culture to battle, he also has an army of Americans who are sick and tired of being told what to say and think, who are standing behind him, ready to back him up by purchasing tickets to his shows, and learning to laugh at everything again.

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