How many different ways do Americans have to tell Hollywood that we don’t want progressive feminism in our lives?

You’d think after Gillette lost $8 billion dollars trashing men and pushing feminism, and Sports Illustrated is tanking for pushing feminism, that everyone would get the hint.

I’m sorry, I am a woman, and feminism makes me sick to my stomach, and also makes me want to be more traditional. I want nothing to do with these radical, unhappy, man-hating harpies.

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I’d rather be barefoot and pregnant, making meatloaf, than associate with these hateful women.

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Hollywood is just tone deaf, and they refuse to admit that these stupid, forced “strong women” characters suck.

That’s the only reason we can find to explain the new CW ‘Batwoman’ show, which again, has the same dopey “girl power” feminist garbage, and even worse…Rachel Maddow is part of the cast.


The show is predictably bombing.

Of course all the liberal critics LOVE the SJW show…but viewers (who are the ones that actually matter) hate it.

I mean, they really, really hate it.

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I saw the preview for the show several times, and I could tell instantly that it was going to suck.

In this show, Batwoman is some androgynous/gender fluid lesbian, who looks like her only nemesis in life would be “toxic masculinity.”

If you’ve watched any of the CW superhero shows, then you kind of know what you’re in store for. It’s a lot of people dressed up in costumes from the DC comic universe essentially playing out a soap opera.

Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which only includes drama as a subplot to the main story of fighting bad guys and saving the world, the DC television universe — dubbed the “Arrowverse” after its flagship show “Arrow” — centers around drama, essentially making it the exact reverse of the MCU. It can feel like a slog for people looking for a superhero show to enjoy.

What’s worse is that the shows on the CW seem to have fallen to the problem of becoming programming that scratches a very hard-left itch. The shows are filthy with social justice messaging and left-leaning talking points. The Super Girl television show, for instance, has done everything from promoting anti-gun messaging to hinting not-so-subtly that Donald Trump is a racist.

It would appear that the Batwoman television show looks to follow that very same path. While the pilot episode didn’t push social justice messaging as hard as the trailer for the show implied, it still pushes it. In fact, many people have surmised that Batwoman is DC’s response to the MCU Captain Marvel with Brie Larson due to all the “girl-power” and anti-man messaging the show contains. [Red State]

Who wants to watch this preachy social justice crap? I’d rather get a root canal.

Speaking of root canals, as I mentioned earlier, Rachel Maddow is part of the cast.

Of course, critics are clueless – they think the reason people don’t like the progressive show is “sexism.”  This is why they keep putting this garbage on TV and the big screen, they think “we just need to keep shoving it down their throats…one of these days they’ll wise up and swallow it.”

No, we won’t. 

As a response, the left is already making the excuse that the reason everyone hates Batwoman is that she’s a woman, and a lesbian to boot! Horror of horrors!

Forbe’s Paul Tassi, for instance, didn’t even try to hint his way around the issue. He straight up accused many people of being sexist for their dislike of the show:

On IMDB you can only see usernames, but on Rotten Tomatoes they at least have first names listed for fan reviews, and sometimes photos. Of the first 100 reviews I counted, 95 appear to be written by men. Two of the five women gave it a positive score, the only two positive scores I saw out of all 100. I could probably keep going, but I’m guessing the ratio would remain roughly the same.

I am definitely not saying that Batwoman is some masterpiece, but it does not take the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out what’s happening here, even if many of the negative reviews don’t reference sexuality or politics. Batwoman is certainly no worse in the script and action department than the early episodes of these other Arrowverse series, and yet I never saw any of them lambasted to this degree.
This is a constant callback for leftist culture reviewers who find themselves in the position of having to defend a show or movie that has received negative audience scores. Those who hate a show or movie with a woman lead or that glorifies things social justice advocates hold as holy are only doing so because they’re racist, or homophobic, or sexist, or (insert “ists” and “phobes” here).

Each time this happens, moviegoers everywhere — including yours truly — point out that it’s not the race or sex that causes people to dislike a show. If that were the case, then there are so many franchises, movies, and games that are cherished by the general public that would be despised. Alien, Metroid, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Hunger Games, Wonder Woman, and Terminator all had female leads that fans the world over adore.

So it must be a completely different reason, and that reason is very obvious.

People hate being preached to about things they don’t believe in. [Red State]

The new Batwoman show is just another stereotypical liberal progressive hero, that no one outside of Manhattan and L.A. can relate to.

Everything they do in the show, is done to promote rejected progressive stereotypes.

Why on earth would any sane man or woman tune into a TV show on CW, of all places, to be preached at and shamed for not appreciating man-hating women more?

No thanks, I’ll pass.


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