Let’s be honest, guys, along with the many wins and successes of the Trump administration, Pres. Trump has a lot of issues. No one can deny that, and if you do, you are fooling yourself.

He’s a mortal man, and we all have a lot of issues, but can any of you honestly say you could vote for one of these candidates and be confident they will put our countries best interest first? Pres. Trump tries his best to make sure he puts America first in everything he does, but these candidates honestly scare me a little, though. I’m not sure what any of them stand for, and I wouldn’t vote for them at gunpoint.

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Do you understand why the Democratic voter is called low information? They don’t bother to check out and view what’s important. Albeit that the candidates are really bad, but they don’t engage. They take their talking points from failed journalist opinions that are based on feelings and tweets.

CNN drew 8.3 million viewers last night for 2019’s fourth Democratic Debate. That’s the lowest tally thus far in the race leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

To be fair to the cable news channel, two of the other three rounds were presented at least partially on broadcast television, which is available in many more homes than cable is.

This is CNN’s second debate of the ongoing cycle — its first one took place over two nights at the end of July. Night 1 of July’s two-parter got 8.7 million total viewers, 8.6 million of which came on actual CNN. Spanish-language sister channel CNN en Español added the other small portion back then. Last night, baseball aired on CNN en Español instead.

July’s second night fared a bit better in Nielsen numbers. [The Wrap]

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The most predictable, least informative, most boring show on earth, on the least reliable and one of the least honest broadcast channels in America. That’s about four times the number of people I would have thought would tune in honestly.

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Thank the DNC. They did not have a real debate; they just wanted to control the message and appoint the candidate they want. So pathetic and dishonest. The folks knew the show would be an info commercial for the Dems. Softball questions by 3 rd rate commentators. Anderson Cooper embarrassed himself and station by injecting his opinions into his questions and disgraced himself as ever being considered a professional journalist. Guess that why he works at CNN.

Many Americans will vote for Pres. Trump and against the child-like tantrums of the Democratic Party, which they prominently displayed for the last 2.5 years.

I don’t think any of the Democrats can beat Trump on his worst day, and I don’t believe the polls that say they can. Just look at CNN and MSNBC’s ratings! They push 24/7 hate against Trump.


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