Hallelujah! It seems the minsters of racism, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Richard Spencer, and the rest of the Democratic Party are heading toward the darkest hour of their work product.

These men, along with others across this country, have been pushing racism and segregation for years.

When I learned the city of Madison signed on to a resolution with 32 other organizations in Wisconsin to agree, something more needs to be done.

Ruben Anthony, the president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Madison, said, especially with a national conversation on immigration and the shooting of unarmed black people, the health of people of color is in danger.

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“The messages that we get from our national leaders and the climate that we’re creating from saying certain people are not welcome in this country. I haven’t seen something like that in my lifetime.”

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

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Although I think racism is a public health crisis, I think the nation would benefit from declaring it so, without conditions. If Democrats get to write the rules, it will be directed at Pres. Trump and Republicans, and the left will have carte blanche to continue doing what they do, and nothing will be solved.

Spencer is an alleged neo-Nazi and white supremacist while you already know Jackson and Sharpton stand on their poverty pimp agenda.

“More entities have to step up and start talking and really start doing something and measuring the impact and making sure that the cultures are really healthy,” Anthony said.

If they are serious, this is going to work and grow. I have noticed over many years that in general people like to hang out with like people in religion and race and education and where they are from, and on and on. Just human nature. That is not racism. Mistreating people because they are ‘different’ from you is. People like to be around people who are familiar with them.

But these so-called leaders need to be brought up on charges and be questioned before the American people so that everyone can see and hear their hate and learn the ills of being a part of their groups.

“I’m glad that someone is recognizing it as a health issue, because then maybe now we’ll take greater measures in addressing the issues.” said Alexander Gee Jr., the president and founder of the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development. [TLO.org]

Democrats seem to think that if they state a problem and convince people that the solution is to recognize the problem. Of course, that doesn’t solve a thing, but it allows them to claim that they’re doing something about it, and the reason the problem continues is that not everyone recognizes that it’s a problem.

One of the major problems taken up by both political parties is identity politics. The problem with identity politics is how they try to stuff people into little boxes.

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If we instead celebrated what makes us similar instead, that is the way to get past this. Biden’s words further inflame racial divisions instead of proposing actual solutions by instead blaming half of the population for another half’s problems.

Division, division, division. Pander, pander, pander. Sorry, I take zero responsibility for what happened before or since I was born, and most importantly, I don’t make the rules, but I would love to be a part of what heals and fixes the problem.

How about you?


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