The amazing award-winning investigative reporter Joh Solomon appeared on Fox Business, where he discussed a whole host of topics with host Lou Dobbs.

One of the first things Dobbs and Solomon talked about was FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has been caught in conservative crosshairs lately after it was believed he was protecting Deep State stooges.

According to Solomon, the rumors about “Deep State” Wray are not true. Wray is actually working behind the scenes and cooperating fully with Durham’s criminal investigation.

Solomon goes on to say that the FBI and the DOJ are on the “same page” so that means that they’ll be able to actually get things done.

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Wow, Comey and McCabe must be sweating bullets. ?

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Dobbs and Solomon also discuss the so-called upcoming “vote” on the “non-impeachment” that’s supposedly coming this Thursday. Nobody is sure what “vote” it is – they speculate it’s just a vote to decide if they should keep doing what they’re doing now.

Solomon shared his experience outside the beltway and said that Americans see this for the political circus that it is, and they’re concerned. “There’s no one that’s going to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people, they’re pretty smart,” Solomon said.

Dobbs and Solomon agree that the killing of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi throws a kink in Dems plan, and that may be why they’re holding the “non-vote” vote.

You can watch the video below:

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