At the beginning of this month, Chelsea Clinton appeared with her mother Crooked Hillary Clinton on ABC’s “The View” to push their dopey new book about “gutsy” women.

Many people covered the story of her and her mom’s appearance on the show, but almost everyone missed something that happened during the interview – something Chelsea said that really signifies how the left feels about this country.

During a portion of the interview, Chelsea was talking about how much she loved her mother and how “protective” she was over her and then segued into discussing her own children.

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At that point, Chelsea said that this America (as if it’s so terrible) is not the “country” that I want “my kids to grow up in.”

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She then goes on to justify her anti-American feelings, by pushing a wildly fake news story, claiming that Trump wanted to build moats with alligators and snakes around the border and wanted to shoot migrants, as if it were gospel, so that everyone watching “The View” now believes Trump wants “alligator moats” to stop illegals from invading the county.


When you watch the video you can hear Meghan McCain say “is that true?” and Sonny Hostin responds, ‘yes, those are the allegations.”

Yes…Those are the allegations. LOL Unreal.

Of course, President Trump denied the fake story.

Honestly, that’s not a totally terrible idea…

Chelsea goes on to claim that the “depths” of the cruelty, and the “inhumanity” that’s happening in this country towards migrants, people of color, and LGBTQ, war heroes, and women is not the “America” that she wants her kids to grow up in.

I mean, the level of stupidity surrounding these comments is off the charts. Chelsea Clinton and her kids lead a privileged and charmed life. The only person of color she’s probably talked to is “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin.

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Chelsea spends her lilly-white liberal life encased in a bubble of elite privilege and power. She’s done nothing to help the supposed people that are being “used and abused.”

But guess who has actually helped those people? President Trump.

Liberals hate this country so much, that they just look for reasons and excuses to trash it. If Chelsea wants to see real “oppression” of people of color, she should fly to Haiti and see the harm she and her parents caused to those poor earthquake victims.

If Chelsea wants to see what real abuse towards women loos like, she should speak to the victims of her perverted father, who her mother trashed for decades.

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If Chelsea wants to speak about “war heroes” she should ask the survivors of Benghazi how they feel about her precious warmongering mother.

But she won’t do any of those things because Chelsea knows that there’s no “crisis” in this country – she’s just bitter and angry that her entitled mother lost her “birthright claim” to the White House.

Get over it.

My suggestion to Chelsea is if she doesn’t want her kids growing up in “Trump’s America” she should pack her bags and leave.

and take that hosebeast mother of yours, with you…

Watch the video below (comments start at the around 4-minute mark):

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