Take this with a grain of salt. Still, CNN is reporting that National Security Adviser to the White House, John Bolton is thinking about participating in the kabuki theater called the impeachment inquiry led by the Democrats.

The moral to this sad story is that the Democrat Party in America is conducting a nationwide search for someone who can tell a lie that will work against our president.

When you have the opposition media sitting on their roundtable panels trying to create a false narrative out of the winds, you have a recipe for problems. These talking heads talk themselves into a false truth, so by the time the segments are over, someone or more leaves the set thinking they just became experts with their version of made-up events.

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According to a report from CNN, Bolton is in talks to be deposed on his knowledge of President Trump’s relationship with Ukraine and the alleged pressure he placed on Ukrainian leaders to investigate Joe Biden. His lawyers have reportedly spoken with the three House committees leading the impeachment inquiry.

Last week, Trump’s former Russia adviser Fiona Hill reportedly claimed that Bolton had urged her to report any “wrongdoing” in the White House to the National Security Council’s attorney, prompting House Democrats to want more information from Bolton.

Bolton, who left the White House on bad terms, reportedly called Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani a “hand grenade” who could “blow everybody up.”

Although Bolton may be considering a deposition, several other Trump administration officials have said they will not participate, including Vice President Mike Pence. [Washington Examiner]

On Impeachment Efforts, ‘Pelosi Won’t Let Little Things Like Facts Get in the Way’

It seems like Bolton may have first-hand knowledge of many details involving the Ukraine situation. I hope he does agree to testify. He could legitimately put a halt to the impeachment hearings.

I have heard non-thinkers compared the impeachment inquiry to the Benghazi hearings, and that’s just stupid.

Comparing the Benghazi closed-door hearings with impeachment hearings going on today is a fool’s errand. Which one discussed confidential information, which one involved an attack on an American facility? Which event resulted in the death of an ambassador who begged for more security and from American Marines, not a local militia group. Which one keeps the other political party out? Same – the English language is twisted again.

Echoing the media does not make any argument. Facts matter.


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