The fake news media, Deep State, and the Democrats are working overtime to try and smear President Trump over a “nothing-burger” phone conversation he had with the President of Ukraine regarding Joe Biden strong-arming the government to fire a prosecutor who was looking into fraud at the Ukrainian gas company where Hunter Biden sat on the board.

President Trump has every right to investigate corruption; he’s the President of the United States, for crying out loud.

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Not to mention that Joe Biden was busted on camera bragging about getting the prosecutor fired.

Watch the video below:

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Despite Biden literally boasting about what he did on camera, the fake news media is still circling the wagons in order to provide cover for him, claiming Trump is using “baseless claims” to smear Biden.

That’s pretty rich coming from our fake news propaganda media, right?

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However a new poll that was just released spells very bad new for Democrats, Deep State, and especially Joe Biden. This poll could symbolize the last nail in the Dem’s impeachment coffin.

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According to the poll, a whopping 57% of Americans actually support President Trump’s efforts to have Biden investigated.

But it gets worse for Biden…Trump’s attacks on the embattled Dem frontrunner have been so damaging that he’s bleeding support. This would explain the crash he’s taken in the polls.

Many new key polls now show Warren taking the lead.

Republicans are pointing the finger at the former vice president, whose son Hunter was being paid $50,000 per month at the time for serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. The owner of the company had previously been under investigation.

The appearances aren’t great for Biden, who had been known through his career for his middle-class roots and commuting via Amtrak.

Even worse for the former vice president, the IBD/TIPP Poll found 57%-37% support for a Biden probe, specifically a Justice Department investigation of Joe Biden and his son regarding their actions in Ukraine and China. Hunter Biden also had ties with an investment firm that raised funds in China.

Ukraine Scandal Could Weaken Joe Biden Support, But Not Trump:

Meanwhile, as a result of the Ukraine story, 8% said they were more likely to vote for Biden and 23% more likely to vote against him. [Investors Business Daily]

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In yet another blow to the Dems, a different poll from USA Today, shows that 2-1 Americans view President Trump’s efforts to investigate Biden as “legitimate.”

You can watch that video below:

The Democrats are now trotting out a new (fake) whistleblower, after this latest one has fallen flat. The same lawyer representing the first (fake) “whistleblower” is also representing the second (fake) “whistleblower.”  This one now claims they have “firsthand knowledge” of President Trump’s “wrongdoing” in Ukraine.

What “wrongdoing,” we’ve all read the transcript of the call, for goodness sake.

Anyway you slice it or try and spin it, the American people are not being snowed by the Democrats pathetic political hit jobs.

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