My heart goes out to Joe Biden.

I think about all that he’s lost, two children, and a lovely wife…it’s tragic. He’s had a hard road to tow when it comes to grief and loss, there’s no doubt about that.

In case you didn’t know, Biden’s first wife and daughter were killed in a tragic car accident back in 1972.

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Here’s what happened: 

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A man by the name of Curtis Dunn was driving the tractor-trailer that collided with the car driven by Biden’s first wife, Neilia Biden was driving with their 13-month-old infant daughter, and young sons Beau and Hunter were in the car, too. They were on their way to buy a Christmas tree when the accident occurred. Police at the time made the determination that Mrs. Biden drove into the path of the oncoming truck, possibly because she was looking the wrong way at a stop sign. Neilia and the girl died of their injuries, despite Dunn’s attempts to provide first aid, and the Bidens’ sons were also hurt very badly. POLITICO wrote in January of this year that a friend of Biden’s looked into the accident at the time and concluded, “She had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.”

PJ Media reported that POLITICO wrote in January of this year that a friend of Biden’s looked into the accident at the time and concluded, “She had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.”

It was a tragic accident. 

The reason we bring up this sad story, is because Biden’s first wife and daughter are not the only victims from that fateful day.

Mr. Curtis Dunn and his family have been dragged through the mud, thanks to Joe Biden.

Since the accident, Biden has retold the story of his wife and daughters death with an alternate ending that never happened.

He has been saying for years, that his family were killed by a “drunk driver.”

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So, thanks to Joe, Mr. Dunn went from a man who tried to help and save lives after a woman missed a stop sign, to a drunkard who killed a senator’s wife and young daughter.

You can imagine how awful that would be, right?

It was so hurtful to the Dunn family, that during Joe Biden’s 2008 run with Obama, Pamela Hamill, Dunn’s daughter, asked Biden to make a public apology for the years he’d spent falsely calling her father a “drunk driver.”

When Hamill made her apology request, the Newark Post reported that the chief prosecutor at the time, Jerome O. Herlihy, said that “there is no evidence” supporting Biden’s longstanding assertion that Dunn might have, in Biden’s words, “drank his lunch” that terrible day. And yet, as Post reporter Carl Hamilton noted:

Biden has been alluding to alcohol being involved in the crash for nearly a decade. During a speech in 2001, Biden told an audience at University of Delaware that a drunken driver crashed into his family.

He told a similar story during a public appearance in 2007.

More recently, the vice presidential candidate’s misrepresentation of Dunn has found its way into major newspapers, including the New York Times.

It also has been repeated on radio and on television by major news journalists, including CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric.

Yet Hamill said she had no idea Biden had been misrepresenting Dunn until late August.
Although Dunn was not at fault and was quick to render assistance, he was haunted by the accident for the rest of his life. Dunn passed away in 1999, 27 years later, but as his daughter told the Post, “He always got very solemn around Christmastime because the anniversary was Dec. 18, and he never wanted to celebrate the holidays.”

After an exhaustive online search, I can find no mention of Biden ever apologizing to Hamill or to her family. And that POLITICO piece by Michael Kruse I quoted above? It was headlined, “How Grief Became Joe Biden’s Superpower,” which is enough to make you sick after learning how Biden twisted the facts — and his own grief — for, what, a slicker stump speech? [PJ Media]

Certainly, we can’t blame “senility” on Biden’s distortion of the story of how his family were killed; he’s been telling the story inaccurately for so many years now.

It leads one to wonder….Has Biden changed the story of how his wife and daughter died in order to make it sound like a more compelling story out on the campaign trail? Why else would he do it? And why won’t he stop causing hurt and shame to the Dunn family?

Biden seems to have a very serious problem with habitual lying and stretching the truth, but this tall tale here is just unacceptable, and Biden should be called out so he can publicly correct the story and apologize to the Dunn family for all the hurt he has caused them.

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