Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee is making a “personal” plea to the United Nations.

Lee says that we need the U.N. to “monitor” the 2020 elections so that Republicans won’t cheat by committing “voter suppression” against Democrats.

Lee’s comments came during an appearance at the “She The People 2019,” event. Lee argued that the only way to prevent voter suppression and foreign influence in our 2020 Presidential election would be to bring in foreign influence from the United Nations and have representatives from “all over the world” to monitor our elections.

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Uh, isn’t THAT the very definition of ‘foreign influence’?

Oh, and speaking of “voter suppression,” Perhaps Ms. Lee should take a look at the New Black Panthers.

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“There were also reports of New Black Panther Party members at polling sites in Cleveland, Ohio, where they have also maintained a presence at early voting sites. Critics complain that they are an intimidating presence and could discourage white voters, who may be more likely to vote Republican, from entering polling sites.” [Fox News]

Not to mention that Dems consistently oppose common-sense voter ID laws that would help eliminate a good chunk of voter fraud.

However, as we already know Dems are not interested in stopping voter fraud; after all, that’s likely exactly how Hillary won her phony “popular vote” in California.

You can watch the video below:

Rep. Lee has always been a big fan of the globalist United Nations. Just a few days ago Lee celebrated “UNDay” by declaring that the United States “must recommit” to the U.N.”

I can’t think of a worse idea. 

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