On Friday, a Washington D.C. circuit court upheld a lower court ruling that says Pres. Trump has to turn over eight years of personal and company tax records to the House Oversight Committee.

Pres. Trump had initially appealed the lower court’s ruling on Friday; his appeal was rejected. The judges rejected the appeal 2-1.

Democrats are “hunting” for a crime….any crime. Trump pays a whole company to do his taxes, and the IRS has a couple of people employed as well. Wouldn’t THEY know if there was a crime?

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The SCOTUS will make the decision. I have a feeling that the tax returns will only be allowable if they are determined to hold specific information pertaining to a specific case. In other words, there has to be probable cause. If the returns are considered by the court to be unrelated to the subject in an official investigation, then I think the SCOTUS will rule in favor of Trump.

The 2-1 ruling by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a federal district judge’s decision denying Trump’s effort to stop the committee from getting eight years’ worth of his financial records from the accounting firm Mazars USA.

Friday’s dissent came from Judge Neomi Rao, who was appointed by Trump to the D.C. appeals court.

Judges David Tatel and Patricia Millett voted to deny Trump’s appeal to block the House request to Mazars for various financial statements related to the Trump Organization, the Trump Corporation, and the Trump Old Post Office in Washington. Tatel was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton, while Millett was appointed by President Barack Obama.

“Contrary to the President’s arguments, the Committee possesses authority under both the House Rules and the Constitution to issue the subpoena, and Mazars must comply,” Tatel wrote in the majority opinion.

Tatel also said that “we conclude that in issuing the challenged subpoena, the Committee was engaged in a ‘legitimate legislative investigation.’”

The ruling does not mean that Trump’s financial records will immediately be released to the committee, which had issued its subpoena on April 15. [National Review]

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Of note, Judge Neomi Rao dissented, and she was appointed by Pres. Trump. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama appointed the other two judges who voted to deny Trump’s appeal to block the subpoena.

There you have it.

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