Justice has been served, I pray this gives some closure and peace to the family.

Former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger, who claims she mistakenly shot and killed her unarmed neighbor, Botham Jean, after mistaking his apartment for her own was found guilty of murder on Tuesday.

A jury reached the verdict in Amber’s high-profile trial for the killing of Jean after six days of witness testimony but just a handful of hours of deliberation.

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Two lives lost. This officer who was trained to protect and serve did neither. Even after she shot this man and then realized what she had done did not try to medically assist this man. Her mind went to how to cover it up. People make mistakes it is what actions you take to correct the mistake not cover it up.

Guyger, a four-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, initially was charged with manslaughter for the Sept. 6, 2018 shooting. Two months later, a grand jury indicted her on a murder charge.

Throughout the trial, Guyger’s defense team has framed the shooting as a “tragic but innocent” mistake.

Legal analysts said that the trial’s outcome could hinge on whether the jury would believe Guyger’s account that she made a mistake and that the mistake was reasonable.

During closing arguments, prosecutor Jason Fine with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office slammed Guyger for changing her story on the witness stand. He said the case “has to do with [Guyger] making an unreasonable decision that put her in the [defense seat] and Bo in the ground.”

He added: “This case is all about what is reasonable and what is absurd.” [Fox News]

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If she wasn’t a cop would there have been any question that it was at least manslaughter? I’m not sure I agree with the murder conviction though. There wasn’t any proof of premeditation. If you live in a city and find your door unlocked, you would be immediately on guard.

No matter how you slice it, our society can’t let people who open fire on others, without knowing what the hell is going on, and due to being “scared;” simply walk around freely among peaceful (theoretically) citizens.

This is why police departments need to screen better applicants. It was not murder but was something just as frightening: an incompetent police officer readily willing to use lethal force.

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