This past week was a week of wins and if you were watching the national media, you didn’t hear that much about these successes or updates.

It’s a shame that the media has become the opposition to the President Of The United States, especially since they keep reporting how much division we have in this country. Most Americans aren’t even privy to this public information because it’s being held back by the media and tech giants who want to keep voters in the dark.

Here are wins from last week that you should know about and share:

Historic Judicial Confirmations

  • President Trump has now had 150 Supreme Court, Circuit Court, and District Court judges confirmed, continuing a historic remaking of the federal judiciary.
  • Nearly a quarter of all appeals court judgeships are now filled by President Trump’s nominees.
    • President Trump has had 42 Circuit Court judges confirmed to date.

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Working to End the Border Crisis

  • Figures released this week show that while we are still facing a crisis at our southern border, President Trump’s efforts to stop the surge of illegal immigration are delivering results.
    • The number of aliens apprehended or deemed inadmissible at the border fell 22 percent in August.
  • President Trump had a big win at the Supreme Court, as they upheld the Administration’s efforts to strengthen the asylum process and address the crisis at our border.
    • This effort will require asylum seekers to demonstrate they sought and were denied asylum in another country they passed through before reaching the United States.

Great News for the Economy

  • New data released by the Census Bureau this week showed incomes are up, poverty is down.
  • Families have more money in their pockets, as median household income increased last year to its highest level in nearly two decades.
  • President Trump’s pro-growth policies continue to lift up all Americans – as new data showed that the poverty rate fell last year to its lowest level since 2001.
    • The poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached historic lows last year.
    • Inequality fell last year as incomes rose – demonstrating once again that the booming economy is lifting up all Americans.
  • Newly released retail sales figures beat expectations, highlighting the strong state of the economy and pointing to solid consumer spending.

Supporting HBCUs

  • President Trump delivered remarks to the 2019 HBCU Week Conference, making clear his Administration will always support this vital institutions.
    • President Trump has made HBCUs a priority of his Administration, signing legislation increasing Federal funding and enhancing support.

Expanding Opportunities for Workers

  • Toyota’s new plant in Alabama pledged to train 4,000 workers as part of President Trump’s “Pledge to America’s workers.”
  • Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump traveled to Alabama, where she met with students participating in manufacturing training programs and unveiled Toyota’s pledge.

Defending America Against Terrorism

  • President Trump took action this week to expand our ability to sanction terrorist and those who finance them worldwide.
    • This marked the most significant expansion of our counterterrorism sanctions authorities since the aftermath of 9/11.

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Rolling Back Regulations

  • President Trump rolled back the Obama-era Waters of the U.S. rule, which has harmed American farmers.
  • The President continues to follow through on his promise to get rid of the burdensome regulations that had grown rampant under the previous administration.

Protecting the Health of Our Youth

  • The Administration announced plans to remove flavored e-cigarettes from the market to help protect the health and safety of our youth.
    • This effort will help combat the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use, which has put the health of too many of our youth at risk.

Thanks to the White House communications department for keeping us informed of what is going on.

It’s up to us know and share what’s happening for our family and friends and alert them to what has happened or what’s coming.

Thanks for sharing.

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