Run for the hills; Democrats are going to be angry at this poll.

It seems that a majority of Americans took part in a poll whose results show an unfavorable view of the Democrat Party according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

It couldn’t possibly be the weak presidential field in the history of the Republic, could it? Oh wait, could it be due to Democratic lawmakers always talking up impeaching the President Of The United States and resisting to work with him because he beat their candidate back in 2016? No wait, I have it. Their party has been taken over by far-left, not just socialist, but radical socialist that prey on the use of racism to spread their message of division.

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According to the BizPac Review, a leading factor for these results is a new push for open borders, the decriminalization of illegally crossing the border which is being promoted by some of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, and abolishing private healthcare which nobody asked for but the Democratic Party has floated out there in the hopes Americans will sign on to Universal Health Care pipe dream:

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 52% of Americans currently hold an unfavorable view of the Democratic party. That’s a 10-point spike from September 2018, when 42% viewed the party unfavorably.

That’s shocking when you consider that the mainstream media are overwhelmingly left-wing and tend to report more positively on Democrats than on Republicans.

The Pew poll shows that — contrary to Democratic talking points — 67% of Americans oppose decriminalizing illegal border crossings which are causing the flood of illegal aliens into the United States.

Similarly, 55% of Americans oppose replacing private insurance with a government insurance plan like Obamacare.


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Pew Research results also show how Americans polled are against reparations paid to African Americans to write the wrong of slavery to dead slaves and slaveowners.

The vision of the left is an enslaved, raped, and malnourished people – ruled by a small band of elites, to which none of the ‘rules’ apply. You’d have to be pretty stupid to sign on to a vision such as this unless you were one of the elite. There aren’t enough rainbows and unicorns available to wrap this turd sandwich into something remotely palatable looking to me.

With march after march and protest after protest, and occasionally a riot, Democrats are reminding any remaining moderate or conservative members of their party that they are no longer welcome. Enjoy all the TV coverage of leftist protests, because every time they demonstrate they lose more voters and remind us all that they are Marxist idiots.

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Demographics and race is everything to the democratic party now; they cannot reverse the course that Barack Obama has set, as that would imply that they were mistaken. Their biggest mistake is believing their media.

For years, the Democrats and the GOP establishment have been holding hands and kissing behind the barn I think the real question is how far left the Rinos are going.


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