On my radio show, I have told my listeners and viewers that something really smelled bad when we saw the retirements during the 2018 mid-term elections.

When you have a chance to make major changes to roll back the disappointing eight years of Barack Obama, you don’t quit and go home unless you were trying to sabotage the current Commander-in-chief.

Conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, gave his breakdown about the 2020 election and how he thought Democrats were holding unearthed damaging information over Republicans which is causing this new wave of retirements. You don’t see Democrats leaving office when they are in power so what gives?

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Here are excerpts from Rush’s program:

“Now, people will say, ‘Well, Rush, I’ll tell you what it is. The truth be known: There’s a bunch of Republicans that just can’t stand Trump.’ That’s not what it is. That’s what they want you to think. That’s not what it is.

“You know what I think’s going on? I think — and don’t doubt me on that. I can’t prove this ’cause this is just a supposition. But I think, based on how I have seen Democrats and their operatives act, I think — and that given that nobody, no human being is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow,”

“We’ve all got something in our closets. We’ve all done something that we don’t want people to know about. I think the Democrats are finding dirt, and they’re going to these Republicans, and they’re saying, ‘Do you want people to know about this? We are glad to publicize this about you.’ ‘Oh, no, no. No, no! Please don’t.’ ‘Well, OK. Then you gotta retire.’

“Now, I can’t prove it, but some of this stuff — and some of it may be legitimate. I mean, people retiring after 10 years, they may think it’s enough. It’s five terms. But it’s a lot of power to be giving up.”

“You hear about another retirement here, retirement there. They never add up in your mind. They’re all indiscriminate, little isolated stories — and what’s odd? Nothing’s odd about somebody retiring from Congress. But it seems there’s an exorbitant number of Republicans doing so, and I just have my suspicions about it. That’s all.”

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If Rush is correct, why don’t the Republicans do the same to Democrats with something to hide? Answer — the media won’t publicize the Democratic indiscretions.

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I don’t think they’re retiring because of the Damnocraps threatening them with dirt. I think the real reason is that the same global elitists/NWO that got AOC and the rest of their ilk elected have paid these Republicans a handsome amount to retire. It’s the simplest reason – just follow the money.

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