Can you imagine the ice-breaking conversation in prison when they go around the room saying what they were locked for?

Texas law enforcement officials are looking for a man who divorced his wife without her being notified which for all intent and purposes sounds like forgery, which is what he is being charged with. Aggravated forgery is a felony charge in the state of Texas.

Nixon apparently filed the paperwork on Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. A judge then signed the divorce order in April, legally dissolving his marriage.

In May, Nixon’s wife found out about the secret divorce and called the police. Authorities investigated the situation, finding that the 51-year-old had managed to forge his wife’s signature and even faked a notary’s approval on the paperwork.

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Police filed a motion to vacate the order a few weeks later, essentially reinstating Nixon’s marriage to his wife. They announced earlier this week that he was wanted in connection to the crime. [AOL News]

By law contracts such as marriage and nullifications of contracts such as divorce must be consensual. After all, marriage is a ‘business’ because marriage requires a license, and he or she is your partner.

“[Nixon’s wife] advised that her husband filed for divorce and completed the entire proceedings without her knowledge or consent and that the court had already completed all hearings and filed the final divorce decree,” the post read.

Nixon now faces up to 10 years in prison if he is found and convicted. As far as his marriage goes, no new divorce proceedings have been filed. [AOL News]

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If he did chose to go this far to divorce her, I am pretty sure he would want ten years in prison instead of going back to her.

Under the circumstances, if I were the wife, I would have just left the divorce intact. Who would want to remain married to this guy after he went through such effort for a divorce? Free divorce for her. Of course, the distribution of assets and custody of any kids might have been something she did not like, but he doesn’t appear to be someone with a lot of assets or interest in custody of any kids – but mug shots probably don’t look suitable for anyone. Maybe child support was also an issue, but he won’t be able to pay anything while in prison and will find it difficult to get a future job as a convicted felon. I’m somewhat surprised a judge would grant a divorce without hearing from the wife or at least her lawyer, even with notarized papers.

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Now the guy might make it harder for the wife to divorce him – what good would it be for him to divorce while in prison?

This raises the question, why does it take two signatures to divorce someone? I understand the legal need to split the possessions and child custody/support, but it shouldn’t take the signatures of both to make the divorce official. Either party should be able to divorce the other, straight out without the other’s approval. Some spouses keep the other on a leash but threatening NOT to sign the paperwork.



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