When will companies learn that it doesn’t pay to get ‘political’?

Gillette razor company found that out the hard way.

Remember when the company decided to trash their entire male customer base by calling them toxic monsters and abusers?

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In case you forgot or blocked it out of your mind, here’s the commercial that the marketing geniuses over at Gillette put together to demonize the fine people who buy their products.

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Gillette paid a mighty high price for that ad. The company reportedly lost 8 billion dollars.

Will Gillette admit they lost all the money due to the disastrous ad?

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Of course not. 

Did they actually lose all 8 billion bucks due to the ad?

Probably not.

But one thing is certain – they lost a hell of a lot of money because of that dumpster-fire commercial.

Actual footage of Gillette after the release of the Toxic Masculinity ad

Gillette claims the massive losses are attributed to stiffer competition in the market, like ‘Dollar Shave Club” and others.

Okay, perhaps that’s true…to a certain extent.

However, if Gillette had even once ounce of self awareness, they would’ve seen the mass exodus happening in real time due to their insufferable progressive preaching.

No wonder their competition is thriving, right?

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It’s a bold idea, expressly shaming the very market for your product. As I noted at the time:

Gillette has learned that in [current year], it’s not enough for a company to make a product that people want. It’s not enough to make them feel inadequate about themselves, and then sell them the supposed cure for that inadequacy. Consumers, men in particular, must be made to feel worthless. They have to be reminded that their needs and desires are wrong under any circumstances, that their instincts are loathsome, that their very existence is a malignancy, and that they’re responsible for all the world’s ills whether they want to admit it or not.

Now give them your money, you piece of garbage.

But hey, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this was a good idea. How is it working out for Gillette?

Douglas Ernst, Washington Times:

Gillette’s infamous “toxic masculinity” ad may cost Procter & Gamble more than anyone imagined in January.

The year that Gillette launched its “We Believe” campaign and asked “Is this the best a man can get?” has coincided with P&G’s $8 billion non-cash writedown for the shaving giant.

That’s 8 billion. With a b.

Gillette is blaming competitors like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. But when was the last time Dollar Shave Club tried to shame you for being interested in the opposite sex? When did Harry’s ever blame you, personally, for all the world’s sexism and misogyny and other bad things? [PJ Media]

But if you think Gillette will admit they regret the ad, you’re sadly mistaken. The CEO is actually doubling down on the godforsaken idea, and is pretending it was all part of some “master millennial marketing plan.”

Ha ha ha!

Gillette’s CEO and president, Gary Coombe, says that angering some consumers with its #metoo campaign was a “price worth paying” if it meant the brand could increase its relevance among younger consumers and turn around its falling market share…

Gillette made the decision to launch the campaign in a bid to target the millennial market…

But Coombe admitted Gillette’s strategy hadn’t helped. He explained: “The worst thing during through that period was, we also lost connection with the millennial generation. Gillette quickly became the brand of the millennial generation’s dads.” [PJ Media]

However, if what Gillette’s CEO said was actually true, then why is the company doing an about face and dumping the ‘awesome millennial’ toxic masculinity theme and all social justice warrior garbage, and switching to a more “male friendly” local heroes campaign?

Gillette’s days of spotlighting “toxic masculinity” may be coming to a close as the company employs a new strategy for reaching men.

Manu Airan, associate brand director for Gillette Australia and New Zealand, recently spoke with News.Com.Au about its latest efforts to “authentically connect” with consumers.

“Shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes” like firefighters and personal trainers is the company’s new focus.

“We have a very clear strategy when it comes to how we authentically connect with our consumers,” Mr. Airan said, the website reported Thursday. “We will continue to talk about what is important to Gillette and that is representing men at their best and helping men do their best. That is not changing. We will continue to do that and demonstrate it in different ways.”

The new ads come in the wake of months-long backlash against Gilette’s #MeToo inspired “We Believe” campaign, along with an $8 billion non-cash writedown by Procter & Gamble for the shaving giant. [Washington Times]

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what happened here.

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Gillette allowed a group of #MeToo feminists to hijack their marketing department and it bombed spectacularly.

They lost a ton of money.

Gillette doesn’t want to admit the ad was a flop, because that admission would prove that liberal feminism and #MeToo are also a flop. Instead of going down that bumpy road, they’ll take the safe route and blame “other factors.”

So, after all is said and done, what can we learn from the Gillette Toxic Masculinity debacle?

Well, the main thing we can surmise is that the vast majority of Americans don’t support toxic feminism, and we definitely don’t want progressive activism woven into our advertising or our products, and we don’t take kindly to being preached at by angry cat ladies who have a grudge against men.

Just shut up and make razors, Gillette. 

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