Can the embattled NFL really afford to have the star of the entire league trashing them on Twitter? Probably not – especially if you look at last weekends empty seats and tanked ratings.

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The ratings for last weekend’s “Sunday Night Football” experienced a ratings dive. Compared to last week, the “Sunday Night Football” game was down by a whooping 1.3 points. When compared to last year’s dismal numbers, the ratings were down by 0.9.

Let’s not forget the sea of empty seats that plagued the league all weekend long, in stadium after stadium.

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So, when league star Tom Brady took to Twitter to trash the NFL, the bigwigs had to be sweating bullets.

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What had Brady so upset?

The holding penalties across the NFL this season.

According to Brady, it’s making the game unwatchable, so much so, that he literally turned off his TV.

Like millions of football fans, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is getting tired of all the holding penalties across the NFL this season.

As tonight’s Titans-Jaguars game was delayed over and over again by holding penalties, Brady tweeted that he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Too many penalties. Just let us play!” Brady wrote. “I’m turning off this game I can’t watch these ridiculous penalties anymore.”

Brady wasn’t the only one taking notice of all the penalties. On the FOX broadcast Joe Buck and Troy Aikman complained about it, and former head of officiating Mike Pereira said the officials have been put in a difficult position by the league, which made holding a point of emphasis this season.

The NFL’s decision to make holding a point of emphasis came because of a sense among some coaches that linemen were getting away with holding too much. But that would be preferable to the way holding calls are taking the fun out of games this season. [NBC]

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