Chrissy Teigen is an attention-starved woman who had been trying to generate Trump-attack buzz since 2012.

She has weaponized her Twitter timeline and 1st amendment rights to go after Pres. Trump in a way that is “vulgar” and disappointing. She follows in the shadows of her husband musician John Legend, who also does the same thing.

Neither support the Commander-in-chief but they go after him so that keeps their names in the headlines and relevant, or so they think. Not many people care about Teigen or her hate tweets toward Pres. Trump but when she goes on national television to change the narrative from attacker to victim, and I’ve been watching it, then I have something to say about it.

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On Wednesday, Teigen appeared on Ellen DeGeneres, who was all but too happy to go after Trump’s response to the model over her hate spewed at him. But when Teigen claims to have been “shocked” at the President responding the way he did, you have to know her history to roll your eyes so hard you will end up taking a nap.

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Did you hear that? DeGeneres said it’s somehow just “not shocking” anymore to hear that the Trump is picking random Twitter fights but it wasn’t like that. Teigen started it once again.

Back in August, Teigen helped lead a so-called boycott against having a membership at the Equinox in California, just because they allegedly supported Pres. Trump.

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Here is a nasty history of Teigen going after Pres: Trump or members of his family:

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I really don’t get the media’s fascination with her/them. She’s pretty. He’s talented. Their opinions don’t matter any more than any of the rest of us. But she really could clean up her language, she’d sound much more intelligent. Profanity is the sign of a limited vocabulary and an unimaginative mind.


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