Liberals and the mainstream media are quietly pushing two new putrid progressive talking points.

  1. eating bugs
  2. normalizing pedophilia

You’ll start seeing more and more articles and stories about how healthy it is to eat bugs, as well as how amazing Drag Kids and Drag Queen Story Hours are.

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It’s important to stay aware of the lefts tactics, especially the push to normalize pedophilia so we can fight back. Let’s face it, if we don’t defend and protect our children, they’ll end up as sacrificial lambs on the blood-soaked alter of liberal progressiveness.

That’ why when we saw this story about a San Diego college professor offering instructing students on “normalizing pedophilia,” we wanted to bring it to you right away.

The push by mainstream media and leftist academics to normalize pedophilia as an acceptable sexual identity appears to be reaching a new level of intensity, as an American student shared a powerpoint slide from a college class describing pedophilia in strikingly ambiguous terms on Friday.

Alex Malazza, a self-identifying Catholic student of San Diego, posted evidence of the sick propaganda on his Twitter account. He specified that the “lesson” took place at a state university- while it’s unclear exactly where he’s a student, the major state university in his city is San Diego State University. [Big League Politics]

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You’ll notice on the board is a lesson entitled “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation.” Basically, this means liberals will push to normalize pedophilia by treating it like any other sexual orientation – which means down the road, if you don’t accept and celebrate it, you’ll be called a bigot and a racist.

God forbid you refuse to bake a cake for the happy couple.

The twisted lesson asks students to share their opinions on the notion of pedophilia as a sexual orientation. It should go without saying that it simply shouldn’t be regarded as an acceptable or fundamental orientation by anyone in American society.

Mazzara described being subjected an infamous Vice News video that documented the plight of ‘non-offending’ pedophiles.

Those who suffer from sick urges should receive professional, psychological help in private, without seeking to popularize their curse to the general public.

Mazzara’s teachers may have known not to go too far in advocating for the outright normalization of pedophilia, but their approach of treating it as an open question is likely to give students the totally wrong impression over how society should approach it. [Big League Politics]

Liberalism is a sick and twisted mental sickness with an insatiable appetite for degeneracy. Keep fighting…it will get worse before it gets better.

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