Americans are sick and tired of being lied to.

We see our neighborhoods and communities crumbling because of violence and drug addiction. We know that our working-class is suffering due to illegal workers lowering wages, and we feel the crushing burden of paying high taxes to fund illegal aliens through welfare, education, and healthcare.

Yet even so, the Democrats and the mainstream media tell us over and over how wonderful it is that all of these people are pouring across our borders.

They expect us to celebrate drug lords, sex trafficking, and gang violence as if it’s the new “American tradition.”

But it’s not, and we know that, so when we see truth spoken in black and white terms, we gravitate to it – whether it be by way of an anti-PC comedian, or a movie like “Rambo Last Blood,” Americans want the truth.

And “Last Blood” does exactly that – it tells the ugly truth about open borders.

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That’s why “Last Blood” is beloved by audiences, and hated by liberal critics.

“Last Blood” is the movie that we need, right now. At a time when our country is being bum-rushed by economic migrants, our borders are wide open for any slimy bad guy to cross, and the Democrat Party is canvasing the country pushing for less security, and more “diversity,” a movie that actually speaks truth, is not only refreshing – it’s essential.

You can laugh at the fact that Last Blood is an 89-minute genre film, the fifth chapter in a nearly 40-year-old franchise starring a geriatric who just turned 73: Oh, this is dumb. It’s just a movie. A disposable throwaway.

Sorry, but that’s not how pop culture works. Movies matter, and Last Blood matters… Untold million will eventually see this, will see The Truth through the most powerful propaganda tool there is: a story — not a news story, not a cable TV segment — but a story-story told with sound and picture.

And Last Blood is a fantastic story, deceptively simple, beautifully structured, thoroughly engrossing, and ridiculously satisfying.

Better still it is a truth told in the most effective way there is, through wish-fulfillment. Rambo is finally doing something about an injustice. It feels good to see something being done, and dammit I want something done!

In the 70s, genre movies like Dirty Harry and Death Wish opened our eyes to a criminal justice system that forgot about the victims. On the political flip-side, movies like The China Syndrome and Silkwood opened our eyes to the dangers of nuclear power. And now, in 2019,  Last Blood courageously seeks to open our eyes about the dangers of an open border.

And I say “courageous,” because in modern-day America it takes moral courage to tell a truth when the telling means you will be  slandered as a racist — something that has already happened to Stallone.

But I would never tell anyone to see a movie because the politics are “correct,” just as I would never pan a movie for “incorrect” politics. A good movie is a good movie, and Last Blood is more than worth your time and money. [Breitbart]

You can watch the trailer here:

If you’re looking for a movie to see on date night, or with a group of friends, I implore you to see this one. It’s so important that we support these films, actors (and yes, those comedians too) who are standing up and speaking truth and breaking the left’s politically correct choke hold.

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