Saturday Night Live is terrible.

It’s pretty much unwatchable. It’s not funny, there’s nothing fresh or creative about it – it’s just the same lame, recycled Trump-bashing over and over, and that putrid social justice warrior garbage not-so-cleverly disguised as skits and “humor.”

I haven’t actually tuned in to watch the show in probably a decade or more, but I catch bits here and there on the internet It’s cringe worthy what’s passing as humor nowadays. Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of President Trump is so forced, so awkward and so unfunny that he comes off as a deranged stalker in need of mental health care and medication.

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And why is a man who literally berated his young daughter, by calling her a “pig” when she didn’t return his calls, a celebrated figure on TV?

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You can listen to that disgusting child abuse audio here:

Baldwin abuses his child, beats up camera men and random drivers in fits of uncontrollable rage, and he’s still a celebrated “actor” simply because he hates Trump. That really says a lot about liberal and their morality, doesn’t it?

Oh, you raped someone, but you hate Trump? Okay, welcome aboard!

The Guardian, a liberal anti-Trump rag wrote a scathing review of Baldwin’s SNL “Trump character.” They said, “his portrayal of Donald Trump these past two seasons has been nothing short of embarrassing, his initially brutal impression during the 2016 primaries morphing into the most insufferable recurring character on the show.

Worse still, it’s an almost entirely toothless portrait, in spite of Baldwin and the writers’ clear disdain for the President. As was the case with Will Ferrell’s interpretation of George W Bush, Baldwin makes Trump into such a harmless bozo as to makes him almost lovable – or at least, he might be lovable if Baldwin wasn’t mugging the entire time.”

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I mean, when even liberals are sick of the Trump-bashing, you know your ship has sunk.

So, when Woody Harrelson performed his opening monologue to kick off Season 45, he made sure to get the jab against Melania in quick and then he moved on. There was no lingering, it was a very fast “hit and run,” but regardless, he still made sure to get it in, like a good little angry liberal.

Harrelson swiped at the first lady for being a “white immigrant” asking if those type still “count,” and also claimed that she’s the only “immigrant who watches Fox News.”

Tiresome, stuff.

I mean, I guess it’s pretty tame by Hollywood standards, as far as slams against Melania go – but it’s just not funny. It’s a pointless mean jab, not even cloaked in humor, and only delivered to satisfy the insatiable appetite that liberals have to slam the Trumps.

His comments about FLOTUS come quick, start at around the 3:30 mark.

Now, the good news…

SNL ratings are tanking?

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The wretched 45th season premier actually finished under last years abysmal 44th premier. This show is just going down, down, down the drain.

Glub, glub, glub.

Saturday Night Live‘s 45th season premiere, hosted by Woody Harrelson with musical guest Billie Eilish, drew a 4.1 Live+Same Day household rating in the markets metered and a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters.

The show, which featured Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Liev Schreiber as himself, was down from last fall’s highly-rated opener hosted by Adam Driver with musical guest Kanye West and Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh (4.8, 2.3), which aired at the height of the Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearing.

Last night’s SNL season debut, which matched the HH rating for the May Season 44 finale and was up a tenth in 18-49, also followed a big political news story, the decision to open impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, which dominated the SNL premiere with three skits, including the cold open, and the opening segment of Weekend Update. [Deadline]

It’s sort of fitting isn’t it…the 45th season opener tanks, and President Trump is the 45th president.

Hmm, maybe the #TrumpCurse is real after all.

Do you still watch SNL? If so, what keeps you coming back, and if not, what made you finally say ‘enough is enough’? Let us know in the comments below.

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