There’s nothing worse than a snake…and that’s exactly who and what Mitt Romney is.

A dirty rotten globalist snake. 

So, it probably won’t come as a big surprise when I tell you that freshman Senator Mitt Romney, who is still butt-hurt that he’ll never be president, or secretary of state, is doing his very best “Brutus” impersonation by stabbing President Trump in the back…

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Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee are not happy Trump is taking money earmarked for their state to build the southern border wall.

So, in a disloyal and cynical ploy, they have co-sponsored a bill that will stop Trump from diverting federal funds to border wall construction going forward.

Basically, they are saying the Democrats will come around and play ball. Which will never happen.

Their bill is called the Article One Act and it will severely restrict the ability of POTUS when it comes to national emergencies.

Look, Congress gave away its power and good luck getting it back – believe me, the Dems use the power when they win the presidency so they will not give it up without a fight.

That said, Romney should show grace and class and courage and come and say that Trump taking money from a red state shows the bipartisan nature of the fight and that we all have to make sacrifices to protect our border.

What could have been a leadership moment for Mitt turned into just another cynical media moment. Sad. [News Hud]

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Globalist politicians like Mitt Romney and Mike Lee are not interested in putting America First. All they care about is putting their needs, and the needs of their billionaire donors first.

To hell with the rest of us.

This country would be far better off, if we got rid of establishment cucks, like those two dopes from Utah.

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