Absolutely Clueless: Beto Thinks Americans Will Happily Give Up Their Guns ‘Won’t Need Police to Confiscate’

Liberals are politicizing mass shootings in order to ban commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles under the false narrative of “safety.”

But it’s all a bunch of hooey.

There is no “gun crisis” involving patriotic American rifle owners. As a matter of fact, more people are killed crossing the street or riding a bike than are killed by rifles.

If we take the 403 rifle murders a year and divide by 365 it comes out to 1.1, which means 1.1 Americans die in a rifle-related murder each day. We must not overlook the fact that the 403 murders with a rifle are murders with rifles of all kinds, i.e., bolt action, lever action, breech action, pump, and semiautomatic. If we narrowed the category to only include AR-15s, AK-47s, or similar semiautomatics, the number of Americans killed daily would be even lower than 1.1.

Now, with the aid of charts released by the CDC, as well as CDC special reports, studies by schools such as Johns Hopkins University, crime statistics from the FBI, and coverage from Breitbart News, consider 10 other causes of death that literally eclipse the number of daily deaths involving a rifle:

1. Daily Heart Disease Deaths: 1,773
2. Daily Cancer Deaths: 1,641
3. Daily Medical Malpractice Deaths: 685
4. Daily Accident Deaths: 465
5. Daily Lower Respiratory Disease Deaths: 439
6. Daily Stroke Deaths: 401
7. Daily Alzheimer Deaths: 332
8. Daily Diabetes Deaths: 229
9. Daily Drug Deaths: 192
10. Flu: 152

For those who argue that rifle deaths ought to be compared to deaths by other voluntary activities, rather than disease, consider the following six examples:

1. Daily Drunk Driving Deaths: 29
2. Daily Deaths from Crossing the Street: 16
3. Daily Distracted Driving Deaths: 9
4. Daily Deaths by Knives and Other Sharp Instruments: 4
5. Daily Deaths from Bicycles: 2.7
6. Daily Deaths by Hammers and Other Blunt Objects: 1.27
Again, the daily number of deaths from all types of rifles combined is 1.1. [Breitbart]

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Trump Curse: Biden Has Coughing Fit While Trying to Attack Trump

Failing politicians like Beto O’Rourke politicize gun control in order to gather talking points so they can muster up some PR by appearing on Sunday morning political talk shows.

But the truth of the matter is that Democrat-run sanctuary city policies kill more Americans than rifles do.

And if Democrats really want to talk about a “gun crisis,” why aren’t they standing on a street corner in “gun control” Chicago screaming for justice for the thousands of American citizens being slaughtered?

These are the real issues facing America – lawless liberals running sanctuary cities to harbor criminals and black on black crime in failed liberal-run craphole cities.

However, you’ll never hear Democrats or the fake news media talking about either issue, because neither issue fits the “gun confiscation” narrative that progressive liberals are “gunning” for.

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