A 22-year-old Nigerian rapper who migrated to Sweden, is calling for the murder and enslavement of white people in his new country, according to a report by a popular Swedish publication called “Social News.”

The article claims the young rapper, whose name is Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, has 280K Youtube subscribers. He keeps his account “private” and reportedly only allows “black followers.”

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The title of the article translates to: Lund rapper calls for murder of whites: “Shoot them”

Lund is the town the rapper lives in.

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The article goes on to say the rapper has been calling for the murder and enslavement of white people using his  Youtube account for some time now.The author of the article indicates they gained access to the private account in order to monitor the content and report on it.

A translation of the article is as follows:

A well-known Youtube profile and rap artist among young people has started a locked account in social media where he only invites black people. In several video posts he calls for the murder of white people in Sweden. Social news has taken advantage of the account and can now reveal how an immigrant Nigerian propagates racism to hundreds of young people. “If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk shit about you – shoot them!” [Social News]

According to the article, last Tuesday, the rapper uploaded several videos that pushed for the killing of white Swedes.

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Here is a partial transcript of the one of the videos:

My brothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters I have an important message to you. I just want to tell you all my black brothers and sisters out there – you are special and nobody is like you. Continue the war.

We blacks will take over – we will become number one – one beautiful day we will become number one – we will take over these whites. So as these whites took us as slaves we should take these as slaves and treat them even worse.

But right now we’re just fighting through, we’re going to be smarter, we’re going to be faster, we’re going to be the best at everything. We’ll take their bitches and we’ll take their money. To be perfectly honest, we will be the best breed ever. This is only the beginning, it is starting small but believe me we will grow and grow bigger. We will be the strongest group in Sweden – no one will dare anyone with us. Just wait, a beautiful day.

The whites try to talk to us – then you know what will come out [gun sign with your fingers]. We’ll show them how we do it. We are warriors do you understand? We are African warriors – they are not on our level. This is just the beginning, black power, black power.

If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk shit about you – shoot them! If they talk shit about your family – shoot them! [Social News]

Below is the video. It’s not in English, but you can still get a feel for the hate he’s pushing. It’s pretty disturbing.

What is also disturbing is that, as of the publishing of this piece, the rappers violent Youtube channel is still active.

Lucky he’s not a Trump supporter – Youtube would have removed his account eons ago.

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