Trump supporter and conservative activist Scott Presler is at it again.

Not so long ago, Presler and his team of patriots headed to rat-infested Baltimore, where they did what Democrats have refused to do – they cleaned up the filthy streets for the people of Baltimore.

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Well, Scott and his team are at it again, and this time they’re in California, to help clean up the filthy homeless camps in Los Angeles.

So, what’s happening in California? Why is there an epidemic of homeless people? Why are medieval diseases making a comeback, and why are the streets covered in human feces?

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Well, for starters, it’s liberal policies that have created this entire mess.

Let’s start with the cost of housing – it’s absurdly ridiculous. Housing costs in California have priced a large section of the population right out of the market.  And if you do get into a house, your mortgage (or rent) and taxes are sky high. There’s also the liberalizing of drug laws that has led to more and more people becoming addicted to drugs, losing their jobs, homes, and living on the streets. And finally, California has opposed mandatory treatment for mental illness and drug addiction, so these poor people wander the streets, desperately in need of help.

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Add all of these liberal polices and procedures together and you get a homeless epidemic that is destroying the state, and more importantly, American lives.

Thanks, liberals. 

So, when Scott and his team of patriots showed up to clean up Los Angeles they were walking into a massive landfill of filth.

How could liberal California politicians allowed this to happen?

What Scott’s team managed to do in a relatively short amount of time is stunning. Make sure you check out all the videos below, and the “before and after” pictures.

He and his team of conservative volunteers donned protective gear (there are needles, rodents, and other dangers ever-present in trash heaps) and went to work on cleaning a homeless camp in a Los Angeles suburb, Van Nuys. There was so much trash, it looked like it would take a small army to get it done after years of being ignored by Los Angeles officials. His early estimates stated there was over 30 tons of trash.

“With over 200 volunteers, we picked up 50 tons of trash in 9 hours,” Presler said.

The Twitter star, known as #ThePersistence (a play on the popular “#Resistance” hashtag used by Democrats and Never-Trumpers), has drawn praise from the right who appreciate the tremendous efforts and criticism from the left who believe it’s all just a publicity stunt. If this were all for publicity, there are easier (and cleaner) ways to draw attention than by spending days in the hot sun picking up other people’s garbage for free.

But the before and after videos show the work was well worth it. [NoQReport]

Fox News host Laura Ingraham saw what Scott was doing, and called for the federal government to step in.

Ingraham suggested we use closed military bases to house the homeless and emphasized we should be placing American needs first.

We couldn’t agree more, Laura.

After the cleanup was complete, Presler took video of the once-filthy area, and showed off the stunning “after” look. It’s a stunning improvement.

Presler said that this was one of the proudest moments of his life.

We can see why. What an amazing patriot.

Now, look at this stunning before and after video. It really shows off how much work Presler and his team accomplished.

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