The communists running California are about to get walloped by our America First President.

A new report claims President Trump is poised to make a major power move to shutdown the radical environmentalists running the state.

President Trump is reportedly strongly considering a plan to revoke California’s legal authority to set pollution standards that are more strict than the federal government’s regulations.

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This is a huge move and a direct blow to Cali’s precious and beloved “climate change” agenda.

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This move will effectively end one major portion of California’s radical environmentalist agenda, and deliver President Trump a major victory for the American people, who are being price gouged, thanks to irresponsible politicians who subscribe to the climate change cult.

President Trump is strongly considering a plan to revoke California’s legal authority to set state tailpipe pollution standards that are stricter than federal regulations, according to three people familiar with the matter.

The potential challenge to California’s authority, which would be a stinging broadside to the state’s governor and environmentalists, has been widely anticipated. But what’s notable is that the administration would be decoupling its challenge to California from its broader plan to weaken federal fuel economy standards, the latest sign that its plans for that rollback have fallen into disarray.

Since the early months of the administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department have been pursuing one of Mr. Trump’s most consequential attempts to weaken regulations designed to fight climate change: a sweeping rollback of Obama-era rules designed to cut the emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.


“Unfortunately, California is trying to impose its failed policies on the rest of the country by making new cars significantly more expensive for American consumers and less safe,” said Russ Vought, the acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, in an emailed statement. “Even worse for Americans on the road, a handful of irresponsible automakers are aiding California’s radical agenda that will hurt every one of us.”

Mr. Trump’s supporters applauded the idea. “Withdrawing the California waiver is the most important part,” of the new fuel-economy rule, wrote Myron Ebell, who heads the energy program at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an industry-funded research organization, and who led the administration’s transition at the E.P.A., in an email. [New York Times]

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What California is doing is basically “shaking down” car companies in order to fulfill their radical junk science Climate Change agenda.

All the while, California has been snubbing their noses at President Trump and the federal government who want to freeze standards at 2021 levels.

Watch a video on this issue here:

It’s also high-time to take on California’s criminal sanctuary state polices. Hopefully President Trump will urge AG Barr to tackle California, and all other sanctuary city’s and states.

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