Pope Francis sounds like a left-wing social activist more that he does a Pope many times. It’s really kind of strange to see him take positions that are antithetical to Catholic doctrine.

Now, the Pope is complaining about conservatives labeling him a ‘communist’ or calling him out for decisions that do not seem to be in line with what they feel the Catholic church should be heading.

The Pope’s critics are very upfront about their concerns. Backstabbing is precisely what has been meted out to hundreds of faithful bishops and Catholics under this pontificate, men who were unjustly removed from key posts and replaced with heterodox liberals. Especially galling is the fact that many of the latter are the very same persons responsible for the sex-abuse scandal and the crisis in faith around the globe.

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My complaint with the Catholic Church is the growing political clergy. Jesus taught us to love God and love each other. He did not complain about Ceasar or the laws.

Pope Francis said he does not fear a schism within the Roman Catholic Church, as criticism grows among conservatives of his liberal views on migrants, the protection of the environment and giving communion to divorcees.

Speaking on board the papal plane on his return from a trip to Madagascar, Mauritius and Mozambique, the Pope said he had been unfairly labelled “a Communist” by his critics, with the most vocal being conservative Catholics in the United States.

In his strongest remarks yet on the risk of a schism, he said there had been many doctrinal splits during the 2,000-year history of the Church, although he prayed there would not be another.

“I am not afraid of schisms. I pray that there will be none, because what is at stake is people’s spiritual health,” he told journalists on board the plane. [Telegraph]

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It is not a split, it is a reformation of the original Catholic church before the split brought about the orthodox Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic church. The difference is the orthodox belief in the head of the church is the head of state where the Roman Catholic believes in the separation of church and state. But as we witnessed when the Pope came to the states he lashed out at us for this that and the other that he was acting on the states sacred ground and was leaning toward the orthodox view rather than the Roman view, but we see it as the Pope was a socialist and not just religious but political. Turns me away from the Catholic church and I find myself on much more steady grounds relying on my Christian values which this country was founded on.

Pope Francis said he was open to discussing differences of opinion with his critics, even those that have called him out for heresy and want his resignation.

Let there be dialogue, let there be correction if there is an error, but the schismatic path is not Christian,” he said.

His critics were putting ideology over Catholic doctrine and deserved sympathy, not hostility.

“We need to be gentle with those who are tempted by these attacks, they are going through a tough time, we must accompany them gently,” he said.

“At least those who say something have the advantage of honesty in saying so. And I like that,” he said. “I don’t like criticism when it’s under the table, when they smile at you and then then they try to stab you in the back.”  [Telegraph]

As you can see, the “Political Pope” is casting stones and hoping he gets some sympathy from his victims (supporters). If he would put his money where his mouth is, he might have some respect from people – but he jets to countries and tells them what they should do about “global warming,” tells everyone to help the “refugees” while he sits on piles of money and has space in his walled Vatican and then he expects others to listen to his garbage?

I consider myself to be a good American but can’t think of a single politician I look up to or consider to be a good leader. That doesn’t make me any less an American. I also consider myself to be a good Christian but have no one to look up to but God.

Today it’s all politics and power. In both cases, I’ll go with what Jesus would do.


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