A shocking and disheartening new poll reveals that a whopping 73 percent of Republican students hide their political beliefs because they fear teachers will retaliate against them for it.

This is the current state of “progressive America,” an intolerant tyrannical place, where you either agree with the radical left, or you’ll be “destroyed.”

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Imagine being a young kid, stuck in the “closet,” unable to be who you really are in public, for fear that people in power will try and hurt and abuse you.

Sound familiar? 

When do you think the country should re-open and get back to work?

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Liberals demand that you and me celebrate every kook lifestyle from here to Timbuktu, right? All the while, these same hypocritical jackasses smugly dismiss and disrespect our beliefs.

Have you had enough?

It’s time to come out of the closet and embrace your conservatism.

A  recent survey of 1,000 Republican and Republican-leaning college students has found that 73 percent of them have hidden their political views in the classroom — because they’re worried that exposing them could negatively impact their grades.

College Pulse conducted the online poll at the end of August for a conservative campus-news source, The College Fix, which has previously reported on its findings. The survey polled conservative-leaning students only.

According to The Fix, the survey asked students: “Have you ever withheld your political views in class for fear that your grades would suffer?”

Seventy-three percent of students who considered themselves to have “strong Republican” views said yes, as well as 71 percent with “weak Republican” views and 70 percent of Republican-leaning independents.

The huge percentage of conservative students responding in this way is disheartening — but it’s not shocking. In my years working for National Review, I’ve covered numerous examples of professors and faculty on college campuses who have chosen to make their hatred for conservatives known. For example, earlier this year, administrators at Middlebury College apologized to students who were upset that a conservative speaker had been invited to campus and pledged to do more to prevent conservative speakers in the future. In 2017, a Clemson University professor declared in a Facebook post that “all Republicans” are “racist” and “scum.” In 2015, a journalism instructor at Mississippi State University compared a conservative student group to the KKK. Back in 2014, a University of Michigan department chairwoman published an article titled “It’s Okay To Hate Republicans.”

First of all, let me be clear about the fact that I completely, totally support the First Amendment — and I absolutely understand that colleges’ professors and other employees do, and should, have the right to express their views. The thing is, though, they should really take more care to keep their comments to be more along the lines of policy discussions and avoid demonizing entire groups of people based solely on the fact that they’re on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Truly, I believe that our country would be a better place if everyone tried to maintain this kind of civility — but educators should especially want to adhere to it, for the sake of the students that they are tasked with teaching. [Yahoo News]

It’s sad to say, but conservatives are the most oppressed people in this country. That’s not to say that we’re lowly victims – however, we must recognize and accept exactly what we’re facing, and then rise up and fight back against the left.

No more cowering in the shadows, afraid of what they will do to us.

In truth, the left has very limited power. The outrage mob is loud…but their bark is way worse than their bite.

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