The impeachment investigation has turned into a three-ring circus, staring Jerry Nadler as the top clown and ringmaster.

Democrats started the investigation into impeaching President Trump by questioning former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

That was their first mistake.

King Cory: Unhinged Liberals Take to Twitter and Demand the Arrest of Corey Lewandowski 

One by one, Lewandowski made minced meat of each Democrat who questioned him, by cleverly mocking their pointless and partisan (and endless) investigations into President Trump.

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Corey Nukes Eric: [VIDEO] Lewandowski ‘Nukes’ Swalwell’s Failed 2020 Run Right to His Face in Explosive Exchange

Watch the videos below. Corey arrived at the hearings ready to do battle and win. In the second video, Corey hilariously manages to plug his bestselling book.

Despite the collapse of the Russia conspiracy theory, and polling that shows the American people do not support impeaching President Trump, many Democrats are hell-bent on trying to take him down. Leading the charge is Rep. Jerry Nadler, who, has been at odds with House Speaker Pelosi, who sees impeachment as blowing up in Dems’ faces.

Corey Schools Sheila: Lewandowski To Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “Could You Repeat the Question? I Didn’t Hear It. Just a Rant”

According to Politico, the two top Dems had it out during a closed door meeting, where Pelosi went “scorched earth” on Nadler, for turning the impeachment investigation into a sideshow.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took aim at House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler in a closed-door meeting last week, saying that the panel has taken the push for impeachment of President Trump far beyond the position of the House Democratic caucus.

Pelosi shocked those present at the meeting with her criticism of Nadler and added that the Democrats don’t have the necessary votes to impeach Trump.

“You can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi said to those present, according to Politico.

The revelations come on the heels of a contentious hearing in which former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was summoned to testify regarding allegations of obstruction of justice on the part of the president. [NRO]

Pelosi, who is a shrewd politician, that desperately wants to keep her Speakership, is approaching “impeachment” with a much more moderate stance. NRO reports that Pelosi fears a failed bid to impeach Trump will embolden him during an election year, as he may use the proceedings to claim his exoneration.

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